Balochistan University Dates for form and fee submission MBBS 1st Prof Supply 2014, BDS 1st Prof Supply 2013 MBBS 1st Prof “1st & 2nd year combined Supply 2011

Balochistan University Dates for form and fee submission MBBS 1st Prof Supply 2014, BDS 1st Prof Supply 2013 MBBS 1st Prof “1st & 2nd year combined Supply 2011


PPSC Lecturer Recruitment 2015 Journalism Sample Past Mcqs Lecturer Paper

PPSC Lecturer Recruitment 2015 Journalism  Sample Past Mcqs Lecturer Paper

What is “Lithography”?

a. A method of Printing (written with stone printing that uses repulsion between ink water to transfer image from stone to paper
b. A system of local bodies
c. Circulation of Newspapers
d. None of these.

ii. What is “Dummy”?

a. Dead body of an animal
b. Make-up of newspaper
c. Front Page of Newspaper
d. None of these

iii. What is by line?

a. A railway track
b. Text written on lines
c. Reporter’s name printed with story
d. None of these

iv. Intra-Personal Communication is:

a. Communication with personal friend
b. With Public
c. With self
d. With family

v. What is ABC?

a. American Business Circle
b. American Business Corporation
c. Audit Bureau of Circulation( A government institution which issues certificates after audited statistic on circulations of publication )
d. None of these

vi. Who was the first Editor of daily “Nwa-e-Waqt?”

a. Majeed Nizami( is Current editor )
b. Mujeeb Nizami
c. Hameed Nizami
d. None of these

vii. When Television Transmission was started in Pakistan?

a. 1970
b. 1964
c. 1990
d. 1962

viii. The Subject allotted to a newspaper reporter is called:

a. Creed
b. Beat
c. Embargo
d. Feature

ix. A journalist who is not attached with any newspaper is called:

a. Retainer
b. Correspondent
c. Free Lancer
d. Stinger(its part time correspondent of newspaper but freelancer is a person who is not a member of any newspaper but providing services to several newspapers at same time and being paid)

x. Identification Mark written on the top of news story page is called:

a. Credit Line
b. Slug Line( Some1 please give me its justifications?
c. Embargo
d. Tip

xi. Dr. Gobbles is known as father of:

a. Advertising
b. Public Relation
c. Propaganda
d. None of these

xii. The communication based on purchased time or space is called:

a. Publicity
b. Advertising
c. Propaganda
d. None of these

xiii. UPI is the abbreviation of:

a. United Press of Indonesia
b. United Press of India
c. United Press International
d. None of these

xiv. The news that appears two or three days before an event is called:

a. Follow up
b. Lead story
c. Curtain raiser
d. None of these

xv. Press and Publication Ordinance was introduced in:

a. 1963
b. 1965
c. 1995
d. None of these

xvi. Communication without words:

a. Visual communication
b. Non-Verbal communication
c. Mass communication
d. None of these

xvii. Tabloid newspaper is of small size with:

a. 3 columns
b. 4 columns
c. 5 columns
d. None of these

xviii. The reading of the script to check the errors is called:

a. Composing
b. Proof-reading
c. Editing
d. None of these

xix. A brief introduction of a photograph is called:

a. Embargo
b. Credit line
c. Caption
d. None of these

xx. OB stands for:

a. Open Box
b. Outdoor Broadcast
c. Official Beat
d. None of these
father of mass media research?
haorld Lasswell

term development journalism was first used by?
Alan Chadkley and juan Mercado

First magazine was published by?
Edward cave

Who was first to start disseminating news?
Julius ceaser

The first press in the sub-continent was setup by?
Portuguese missionaries

The first Urdu Newspaper was?
jam-i-jahan Numa

first Muslim owned newspaper was?

first Indian owned newspaper was?
The Bengal gazette