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Subject Specialist Pakistan Studies Mcqs Sample Paper


Subject Specialist Pakistan Studies Mcqs Sample Paper

1.Cultivable land are in pakistan in million acres 51 million acres(27%)
2. area under forest in million acres 4 million acres(2.19%)
3. After agriculture largest sector of pakistan textile
4.share of agriculture in gdp 21.2%
5. Pakistan become member of uno 30 sept 1947
6.quaid i azam resigned from congress 1920
7. Result of 1937 election in punjab for muslim league in the 1937 elections the Unionist party was able to win a heavy mandate of the Muslims of the Punjab. On the other hand the Punjab Muslim League was able to win only two seats in the Punjab Assembly. One of the winning candidates, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan deserted the PML as soon as the results were officially announced. The other winning candidate was an urban elite, brilliant and an academic lawyer Malik Barkat Ali

8. Lahore resolution first of all supported by CH khaliquzamman
9. Ptv established in 26 nov 1964
10. After 1955 elections muslim league formed government with which party. first national elections in May 1955 (held by a system of indirect voting) the League was heavily defeated.

11. Country opposed pakistan membership in uno Afghanistan
12. Quota system in jobs extended through which amendment 16th
13.first federal mohtasib Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman) Order, 1983
14. First chairman of senate Khan Habibullah khan marwat
15. Designation chairman joint chiefs of staff committee established in which year march 1976
16. Right of vote to fata 1997
17.sass punnu famous story of which language sindh
18. Share of cotton crop in total cultivated area is 14 percent.
The total cropped area in Pakistan is about 22.2 million ha. The share of food grain crops is 54 percent, followed by cotton and sugar cane 20 percent; pulses 6 percent; oilseed crops 3 percent; fruit/vegetables 4 percent and other crops about 13 percent. Figure 9 shows that wheat is the main food crop. It occupies about 36.3 percent of the total cropped area, followed by cotton with 14 percent, paddy with 9.5 percent, sugar cane with 4.5 percent, maize with 4.5 percent and other crops with 20.8 percent.

19. Sugarane grows in which division most Hyderabad division ranks first and Sukkur division second in the production of Sugar cane
20. Tobacco most in which province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa produces around 78 per cent of Pakistan’s entire tobacco crop
21. Pm in 1946 interim government Jawaharlal Nehru
22. Azad kashmir govt established in 1947
23. Oldest oil well in pakistan in toot (1964) potohar region punjab
24. Sui gas discovered in 1952
25. Highest peak of himalya range mount everest
26. Nanga parbat in which district diamir district of GB
27. Muslim league rejected cabinet mission plan because of
The Muslim League accepted the plan on June 6 1946. Earlier, the Congress had accepted the plan on May 24, 1946, though it rejected the interim setup.

The Viceroy should now have invited the Muslim League to form Government as it had accepted the interim setup; but he did not do so.

Meanwhile Jawaharlal Nehru, addressing a press conference on July 10, said that the Congress had agreed to join the constituent assembly, but saying it would be free to make changes in the Cabinet Mission Plan.

Under these circumstances, the Muslim League disassociated itself from the Cabinet Plan and resorted to “Direct Action” to achieve Pakistan. As a result, Viceroy Wavell invited the Congress to join the interim government, although it had practically rejected the plan.

However, the Viceroy soon realized the futility of the scheme without the participation of the League. Therefore, on October 14, 1946, he extended an invitation to them as well.
28. Country in north of pakistan China
29. Official celebration on iqbal title of knighthood in which city london.In 1922, he was knighted by King George V,giving him the title “Sir”.
30. Sind madrissa tul islam established by Sindh Madrasa was founded in 1 September 1885 by Hassan Ali Effendi
31. first election commissioner of pakistan Mr. Khan F.M.Khan (1956–58)

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