University of Balochistan Datesheet (Term System Exam of Ph.D & M.Phil Course Work Examination 2013)

University of Balochistan  Datesheet (Term System Exam of Ph.D & M.Phil Course Work Examination 2013)

REVISED DATE SHEET OF TERM SYSTEM EXAMINAITON OF Ph. D 2nd Term (Balochistan Study Centre),  M. Phil 2nd Term (Balochistan Study Centre),   M. Phil 1st & 2nd Term (Islamic Studies),
Ph. D 1st & 2nd Term (Pakistan Study Centre),  M. Phil 2nd Term (Physics),  Ph. D 2nd Term (Zoology),  M. Phil 1st & 2nd Term (Statistics),
 M. Phil 1st & 2nd Term (Chemistry),   Ph. D 1st & 2nd Term (Botany),  M. Phil 1st & 2nd Term (Mineralogy),
   M. Phil 1st Term (Political Science),  M. Phil 1st Term (Balochi),  M. Phil 1st & 2nd Term (Casvab) and
Ph. D 2nd Term (Casvab) COURSE WORK EXAMINATION-2013.
TIMINGS. 02:00 PM TO 05:00 PM.                   FRIDAY TIMINGS.  02:30 PM TO 05:30 PM.
DATE & DAY M. PHIL (CHEMISTRY)           2ndTERM M. PHIL in (Balochistan Study Center                        2nd TERM M. PHIL ISLAMIC STUDIES                            2ndTERM Ph. D in                                (Pakistan Study Centre)                                     1st & 2nd TERM M. PHIL (PHYSICS)             2ndTERM M. PHIL (POLITICAL SCIENCE)             1st TERM M. PHIL (BALOCHI)             1st TERM M. PHIL (STATISTICS)           1st TERM
30-03-2015Monday  2ND TERM                                                             MOLECULAR BIOLOGY   SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS. 1st Term                                                                                            Advance Research Methodology.  Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. PUBLIC POLICY MAST TAWAKKALI                                    LIFE AND ACHIEVEMENT
31-03-2015Tuesday Ph. D (Balochistan Study Centre)                                    2nd TERM BALOCHI TANQEED KA RAWAYATE MOTALEYA AIK JAIZA M. PHIL           (MINERALOGY)                     2ND TERM                      APPLIED GEOCHEMISTRY 2NDTERM                                           FIQAH & IJTEHAD                        2ND TERM                                                                            i)   World Affairs Since- 1945.                                                         ii)  International Economics.       M. PHIL (STATISTICS)             1st TERM                            (RESEARCH METHODS)
01-04-2015Wednesday M. PHIL           (MINERALOGY)                     2ND TERM                      METALLIC MINERAL DEPOSITS  1st Term.                                                                        Socio-Political & Economic Condition of Pakistan. M. PHIL (CHEMISTRY)           1st TERM                    CHROMATOGRAPHY       M. PHIL (CASVAB) Ist TERM.                                                  i)   General Toxicology.                                          ii)   Fundamentals of         Physiology.
DATE & DAY Ph. D (ZOOLOGY)                                    2nd TERM M. PHIL (STATISTICS)             1st & 2ndTERM M. PHIL (CHEMISTRY)           1st & 2ndTERM Ph. D (CASVAB)                                    2nd TERM Ph. D (BOTANY)           1st & 2ndTERM M. PHIL           (MINERALOGY)           1st & 2ndTERM M. PHIL ISLAMIC STUDIES                                         2ND TERM Ph. D in                                (Pakistan Study Centre)                                     2nd TERM
02-04-2015Thursday ZOOL-18                               (VACCINOLOGY AND VECTOR BIOLOGY) 2ND TERM                                                  EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN AND ITS ANALYSIS  2ND TERM         BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION  1ST TERM                              CLASTIC SEDIMENTALOGY
03-04-2015Friday 1STTERM                                                           MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY SYSTEMIC TOXICOLOGY  ULOOM-UL-HADITH Freedom Movement in Balochistan.
04-04-2015Saturday 1ST TERM                                  LINEAR MODELS & REGRESSION ANALYSIS  2ND TERM                      AIR POLLUTION AND AIR QUALITY MANAGEMENT  2ND TERM                      STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY M. PHIL (CASVAB)           1st TERM          General Bacteriology
05-04-2015Sunday M. PHIL ISLAMIC STUDIES                            2ndTERM ISLAMIC HISTORY  2ND TERM         ENDOCRINOLOGY Ph. D in                                (Pakistan Study Centre)                                     2ndTERM          Sociology of Society & Social Institutions Ph. D in                                Pak Study Centre                                     2ndTERM          Brahui Classical Adab
06-04-2015Monday 1ST TERM                                  COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Ph. D in                                Pak Study Centre                                     2ndTERM                           Social Policy Welfare Planning & Administration Ph. D in                                Pak Study Centre                                     2ndTERM                           Balochi Zaban may Tarjuma Nigari.  2ND TERM                                TECHTONICS
07-04-2015Tuesday M. PHIL in (Balochistan Study Center                        2nd TERM                             MUSLIM RULE IN INDIA. M. PHIL in (Balochistan Study Center                       2nd TERM                             BRAHUI ADAB DOOD RAJ. M. PHIL (CHEMISTRY)           2ndTERM             GLYCOCONJUGATES M. PHIL STATISTICS 1ST TERM                                  THEORY OF ESTIMATION 


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