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PU , UOS , BZU , IUB M.ed Computer in Education Important Questions , Notes Examination 2015

PU , UOS , BZU , IUB  M.ed  Computer in Education   Important Questions , Notes Examination 2015

Computer’s Role in Education.
2 Computing by Distance Education: Problems and Solutions.
3 Discuss functions of presentation graphic software and different types of
4 Keeping in view the present situation of use of computer in distance
education, imagine & sketch the future of Allama Iqbal Open University.
5 A central processing unit (CPU)
6 Significance Of E-mail
7 Computer Managed Learning (CML) and its impact on Education.
8 Computer Software, (Application & System Software). Discuss and give
at least three examples? Also enlist and discuss characteristics of
effective software?
9 Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI).
10 Enlist and discuss some satellite application in distance education.
11 Computer. Characteristics, Classifications, Applications, In-Put and Out
Put Devices and Viruses.
12 List criteria that is important to consider while purchasing a computer for
educational institution and justify it with examples.
13 Compiler & Interpreter.
14 Describe store network topology: discuss its types, advantages and
15 Computer Technology can empower students with learning disabilities.
16 School Experience Programme and Quality in Teacher Education.
17 The Micro – Computer provides a powerful tool for supplementing
problem solving activities. How? Give Examples in support of your
18 What is computer Conferencing? How it is helpful in distance education.
19 Detailed Notes: Computer Phobia, Software Testing, Generations of
Computers, High level (4th generation) computer languages, Importance
of computer resource guide.
20 How class rooms are organized for use of computer?
21 Detailed Notes: Aspects of Computer Literacy, Role of Computer in
Adult Education, Spread Sheets,
22 How a computer education Programme can be evaluated?
23 Write a brief note on “Role Computer in Teacher’s training”, O R
Why there is need of computer training for teachers? Design a
comprehensive pre-service teachers training Programme.

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