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Education, Planning, Management and Functions of Management


Education, Planning, Management and Functions of Management

Educational Planning & Management
Define Education?
1) Developing the capacities and potential of the individual so as to prepare that individual to be successful in a specific society or culture. From this perspective, education is serving primarily an individual development function.
2) The process by which society transmits to new members the values, beliefs, knowledge, and symbolic expressions to make communication possible within society. In this sense, education is serving a social and cultural function.
What Is Planning?
Ø A primary managerial activity that involves:
v Defining the organization’s goals
v Establishing an overall strategy for achieving those goals
v Developing plans for organizational work activities.
Ø Types of planning
v Informal: not written down, short-term focus; specific to an organizational unit.
v Formal: written, specific, and long-term focus, involves shared goals for the organization.
Why Do Managers Plan?
Purposes of Planning
Ø Provides direction
Ø Reduces uncertainty
Ø Minimizes waste and redundancy
Ø Sets the standards for controlling
Define Management
The process of coordinating work activities so that they are completed efficiently & effectively with and through other people.
Management is also defined as management is a process of planning, organizing, leading & controlling all activities of the organization in pursuit of pre-defined objectives.
Getting the most out put from the least amount of input. Refers to as “doing the thing right”.
Completing activities so that organizational goals are attained: referred to as ” getting the right thing.”
Manager is someone who works with and through other people by coordinating their work activities, in order to accomplish organizational goals.
First Line Mangers
Management at lowest level or organizational who manage the work of non-managerial employees who are involved with the production or creation of the organization’s products.
Middle Mangers
Managers between the first-line level and top level of the organizational who manage the work of first-line managers.
Top Managers
Managers at or near the top level of the organization who responsible for making organization-wide decision and establishing the goals and plans that affect the entire organization.
Management Functions
It involves the process of defining goals, establishing strategies for achieving these goals and developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities.
It involves the process of determining what tasks are to be done. Who is to do them? How the tasks are to be grouped? Who reports to whom and where decisions are to be made.
It involves motivating subordinates, influencing individuals or teams as they work. Selecting the most effective communication channel.
It involves monitoring actual performance, comparing it to standard and taking actions if necessary.

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