11th Class Examination 2015 English Important Pairs of Words Notes

11th Class Examination 2015 English Important Pairs of Words    Notes

Abject, Object
Abstain, Refrain
Accept, Except
Access, Excess
Adapt, Adopt
Addition, Edition
Advice, Advise
Affect, Effect
Affection, Affectation
Allusion, Illusion
Alter, Altar
Amiable, Amicable
Angel, Angle
Ascent, Assent
Bail, Bale
Ballet, Ballot
Bare, Bear
Baron, Barren
Beach, Beech
Beneficent, Beneficial
Berth, Birth
Beside, Besides
Born, Borne
Brake, Break
Breath, Breathe
Bridal, Bridle
Cannon, Cannon
Canon, Cannon
Canvas, Canvass
Caste, Cast
Cease, Seize
Cell, Sell
Censer, Censor
Cite, Sight
Cite, Site
Cloth, Clothe
Confidant, Confident
Cost, Caste
Council, Counsel
Cue, Queue
Cure, Heal
Dairy, Diary
Dear, Deer
Deceased, Diseased
Deny, Refuse
Device, Devise
Dew, Due
Die, Dye
Dose, Doze
Droop, Drop
Dual, Duel
Eligible, Illegible
Eminent, Imminent
Empire, Umpire
Empty, Vacant
Essential, Necessary
Expect, Hope
Fair, Fare
Farther, Further
Flee, Fly
Floor, Flour
Foul Fowl
Fowl, Foul
Further, Farther
Gait, Gate
Hail, Hale
Heal, Heel
Hue, Hew
Idle, Idol
Imaginary, Imaginative
Judicial, Judicious
Later, Latter
Lessen, Lesson
Liar, Lawyer
Lose, Loose
Lose, Lose
Male, Mail
Marry, Merry
Meat, Meet
Medal, Meddle
Miner, Minor
Pore, Pour
Pray, Prey
Principal, Principle
Profit, Prophet
Quiet, Quite
Rain, Rein
Respectable, Respectful
Rode, Road
Root, Route
Rout, Route
Sight, Site
Soar, Sore
Sore, Soar
Soul, Sole
Stair, Stare
Steal, Steel
Storey, Story
Team, Team
Teem, Team
Temper, Tamper
Tenor, Tenure
Vain, Vane
Vain, Vein
Vale, Veil
Vine, Wine
Vocation, Vacation
Waist, Waste
Wait, Weight
Way, Weigh
Weak, Week
Whether, Weather
Yoke, Yolk

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