11th Class English Subject Short Question Answer

11th Class English Subject Short Question Answer

Q1: What is the young seagull afraid of ?
Ans: The young seagull is afraid of flying over the vast expanse of sea, He thinks that his wings
will never support! him and he may fall down.
QII: Why do not his parents, his brothers and sisters give him food?
Ans: They do not give him food because they want to compell him to fly and search food for
QIII: What does he feel when he finally flaps his wings and finds that he is not falling?
Ans: When he finally flaps his wings and finds that he is not falling, he utters a joyous scream,
Then he begins to flap them again and again He raises his breast and soares higher and higher,
QIV: What does his mother do to force him to fly?
Ans: His mother picks up a piece of fish and flies towards him. But when he comes just
opposite to him she stops with her wings motionless and then maddened by the sight of the
food. The young seagull plunges into the air and thus he is forced to fly.
QV: Are the following true or false?
Ans: (a) The young seagull had never been off his his ledge before. (T)

(b) His sister was smaller than him. (T)
(c) The young seagull fell off the ledge into the Water. (F)
(d) The seagulls fainly was afraid that he would drown. (F)
Q.6: What is significant about the birds first flight?
Ans: The young seagull was hungry and he needed to search for food and his fainly members
forced and motivated him to fly and learn how to dive for fish.
Q.7: What lesson do you learn from this simple story?
Aus: This story gives us a great lesson that any task is not so much difficult. But we have to
take the risk and try again and again. Nothing is impossible but we need to take initiative.
Q.8: Why is it difficult to do something for the first time ?
Aus: It is very difficult do something for the first time because one is not familiar with that and is
not gone through such experiences.

Q.9: Haw you every found yourself in a situation in which you are supposed to do
something for the first time and you could not muster up courage to do it ?
Ans: Yes once l went with my friends to Hangu and There we want to a nearly river. There they.
all began to plunge into the water and swiming I was asked to do swiming but this was my first
time so I refused to swim. They pushed me into the water but still l crime out again and could
not muster up courage to swim in the river.
Q.l0: The following parts of speech have been used in the passage given in the exercise.
Ans: Nouns: Seagull, Ledge brothers, run, brink, wings, expanse, sea, hole, life.
Adgs: Young, long, little, shorter, desperate. Starve.
Verbs: Flown, afraid, taken , attempted, flap, felt, appeared, calling , move.
Adv: Already, away, shrilly .
Pronouns: His, him, he, it, whose.
Preposition: Beneath, to, of, under, at.
Conjunction: And, unless, but.
Q.II: Fill in the blanks in the following passage with appropriate parts of speech. They are
synonyms of the original words.

Ans: “Ga, ga, ga, he cried asking herto bring him over some food. Gaw-ool-ah, “she sereaned
back scornfully. But he kept calling mounfully and after a minute or so he uttered a happy
scream. His mother had picked up a piece of fish, and was flying across to him with it. He
leaned out anxiously tapping the rock with his feet, trying to get nearer to her as she flew
across. But when she was just poosite to him alongside the ledge, she stopped her legs,
hanging loose her wings motionless, the piece of fish in her beak almost within the reach of his
beak. He waited a moment in surprise, wondering why she did not come nearer, and then.
maddened by hunger, she plunged at the fish.
Q.13: In each of the following sentences identify the two italicized words by underlining
and then putting the appropriate number below it. An example has been provided.
(i) Noun (ii) Pronoun (iii) Verb (iv) Adj : (V) Adv:
Ans :
(i) Refreshments will be served latter/5.
(ii) At some later/4 date you very likely/5 will be hired.
(iii) Some of the people left/3 the meeting/1 early.
(iv) Some enthusiastic/4 fans swarmed into the left field/4.
(v) A swarm/1 of bees settled/3 in the attic.

(vi) Most of the early/4 arrived by boat.
(vii) We agreed their arrival/4 most enthusiastically/5 .
(viii) Your enthusiasm/1 for study is commendable/4 .
(ix) This completes/3 my report/1 .
(X) Two of the photographs/1 are usable/1 .
(xi) I found/4 a better/1 use for the old draperies.
(xii) The harshness/1 of his voices/1 surprised us.
(xiii) The teacher voiced/3 his objections harshly/5 .
Q.14: Identify simple, compound and complex sentence from the reading lesson.
Ans: (a) ——– simple sentence.
(b) ——– simple sentence.

(c) ——– simple sentence.
(d) ——– compound sentence.
(e) ——– compound sentence.
(f) ——– complex sentence.
(g) ——– comp/ complex sentence.
(h) ——– comp/ complex sentence.
(i) ——– simple sentence.
This is the story of the first flight of a young seagul. He was alone on his ledge. His two brothers
and his sister had already flown away the day before, whose wings were far shorter than his.
But he had no courage to fly like them. He had watched his parents flying with other family
members and perfecting them in the art of flying. He felt hungry and his parents were worried
about him. He searched for food but all in vain.
Once he found a piece of fish that lay at her feet. His brothers and sister were flying and eating
food. He loved to tear food that way. He tried to attract his mother. He kept calling her
plaintively. At last she picked up a piece of fish and flew to him. He leaned out eagrly. But when
she was just opposite to him, she halted, her legs hanging and wings motionless.

The piece of fish was within his reach. He waited for a moment and then maddened by hunger,
he dived at the fish. He fell downwards. His mother flow upwards. He started flying up and
down. He could feel the tips of his wings cutting through the air. He began to flap his wings and
soared higher and higher. He uttered a joyious scream. his parents also responded with
screams of joy. He was now flowing above the surface of the sea. Around him all his family
members were screaning and praising him.
Their beaks were offering him scraps of dog fish. Thus he mails his first flight.

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