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South Korea (a Govt. funded research oriented university) offers international scholarships (Master and PhD) for Pakistani students in six major areas


South Korea (a Govt. funded research oriented university) offers international scholarships (Master and PhD) for Pakistani students in six major areas

Application Schedule

Classification Spring Ⅰ2015 Spring Ⅱ 2015 Spring Ⅲ 2015
Application July 3 (Thu) ~
July 17 (Thu)
Oct 16 (Thu) ~
Oct 30 (Thu)
Dec 19 (Fri) ~
Dec 29 (Mon)
Document Evaluation Results July 31 (Thu) Nov 13 (Thu) Jan 9 (Fri), 2015
Interview Aug 4 (Mon) ~
Aug 13 (Wed)
Nov 17 (Mon) ~
Nov 26 (Wed)
Jan 13 (Tue) ~
Jan 16 (Fri), 2015
Final Results Aug 29 (Fri) Dec 12 (Fri) Jan 29 (Thu), 2015

※ Application Checklist and Information

  • 01Not allowed to apply for more than one major at the same time
  • 02Document Evaluation and final Results will be announced on the DGIST‘s website.
  • 03Detailed information for interviews will be announced with the document evaluation results, and Interview schedules can be different depending on the Departments.

Majors and Programs

Majors Programs
Emerging Materials Science M.S, Integrated M.S&Ph.D, Ph.D

● Note that you could get an admission for master’s program according to

the evaluation results, even if you applied for the Integrated Master’s and

Doctoral Degree Program.

Information & Communication Engineering M.S, Ph.D
Robotics Engineering M.S, Ph.D
Energy Systems Engineering M.S, Ph.D
Brain Science M.S, Ph.D
New Biology Integrated M.S&Ph.D, Ph.D
Classification M.S. Integrated M.S&Ph.D Ph.D
Spring 2015 OOO students OO students


Degree Program Eligibility
Spring 2015 M.S. / Integrated
Students who hold bachelor’s degrees or are expected to complete their bachelor’s degrees in February, 2015
Ph.D. Students who hold master’s degrees or are expected to complete their master’s degrees in February, 2015


Classification Details
Tuition Fees Full scholarship will be provided
Incentives for
Education and Research
Ph.D. degree candidate : 12,000,000KRW + α / year
M.S. degree candidate : 7,200,000KRW + α / year
Dormitory Dormitory is available for all the students
International Exchanges Opportunity of training in the world’s leading class university
Participation opportunity for various international conferences
Government Research
Participation in DGIST research project is available.
* Participation in various projects related with KBRI
(Korean Brain Research Institute) and DUP United-Campus
(DGIST-UNIST-POSTECH) is available.

※ Please visit each Department’s website to get more information about scholarships.

Application Documents

Documents to Submit Application Process
A Application Form Compulsory Online application (prescribed form)
B Personal Statement and Study Plan Compulsory Online application (prescribed form)
You can choose to write either in English and/or Korean.
C Degree Certificate (either completed or to be completed) Compulsory Online attachment (PDF)
– M.S. / Integrated M.S.& Ph.D. Applicants :
Undergraduate Degree Certificate
– Ph.D. Applicants :
Undergraduate & graduate Degree Certificate
※ Please submit Certificate of Enrollment if you can hand
in Certificate of Expected Graduation.
D Official Transcript Compulsory Online attachment (PDF)
– M.S. / Integrated M.S.& Ph.D. Applicants :
Undergraduate Official Transcript
– Ph.D. Applicants :
Undergraduate & graduate Official Transcript
E English Test Scores Optional Online attachment (PDF)
F Other certificates Optional Online attachment (PDF)
Other certificates that show the applicants’ capability and possibility
G Letter of Recommendation Optional Direct submission from the recommender through e-mail
(prescribed form) :
No limitation on the number of recommendation letter
H Application Fee Compulsory 80,000 KRW / US $80

※ Online submission on the DGIST website (

※ Please make a single PDF file contain all the documents in the alphabetical order (C – F) and make sure that it does not exceed 10MB.

Admissions Procedure

Evaluation based on application documents

Assessment of the potential academic ability based on former college/graduate school’s transcript, personal statement and study plan, and etc

Interview (only for the students who passed the documents evaluation)

Evaluation of fundamental knowledge of the field of study, enthusiasm for research, potential ability to be a scholar, communication ability, etc, through individual and/or group interviews. More details are determined by each department.

Online interview can be scheduled for the students in foreign countries by early request.

01Emerging Materials Science
On-site Interview to evaluate the basic background knowledge (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) required for the materials science research, potential for future growth, personal integrity, motivation, responsible decision-making, ethical standards, and interpersonal skills.
Presentation : 10 minutes presentation on
(MS/MS-Ph. D) Major concepts learned during undergraduate study.
(Ph. D) Achievement during MS course and future research interests
02Information and Communication Engineering
Oral examination about foundations and applications of information & communication, computer, electronics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, attitude, personality, and vision as an engineer
English Presentation of up to 5 minutes (5 slides) about an important concept that you learned through your undergraduate core courses for MS degree applicants, and that is related to your future PhD research for PhD degree applicants
A part of the interview will be conducted in English
03Robotics Engineering
Questions on fundamental knowledge of the robotics related subjects or courses, enthusiasm for research, potential ability to be a scholar, communication ability, etc. in both English and Korean
A short presentation in English on the research experience, achievements, research plan, etc for about 10 minutes and 20 minutes for MS and PhD respectively
04Energy Systems Engineering
Personal interview in English with the concerned professors
Questions on fundamentals and specialized knowledge about application of Energy Systems Engineering such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Thermodynamics and Transfer phenomenon according to the applicant’s specialty background, and on culture, personality and vision as engineering students.
05Brain Science
The interview is planned as a Two-days/One-night program.
Presentation in English : PowerPoint presentation of up to 10 minutes (5-10 slides) about research experience or research topics of interest to applicants
Personal Essay : Presentation of motivation and interests on a suggested topic
Interactive Discussion : Applicants will be asked to participate in a scientific discussion as a small group and give a 30 minute-presentation.
Aptitude Interview : Assessment of basic qualities (character, leadership, communication, English abilities) and knowledge required of a convergence biological scientist
Creativity Interview : Assessment of creative analysis and problem identification skills; includes an oral presentation by the candidate

Registration of Admitted Students

Registration period and procedure will be notified after admissions are finalized
Documents to submit
  • Admission confirmation (Prescribed form)
  • Resident registration form
  • Degree certificate
  • Official transcripts
  • Physical examination certificate
  • Admitted students should complete registration by submitting documents required by DGIST within the announced period. Otherwise, the admission will be cancelled.
  • Submitted documents will not be returned. If any information submitted is not true, admission can be cancelled even after registration.

Admissions contact details

  • Tel+82-53-785-5146
  • Postal AddressAdmissions Team, DGIST, 333, Techno jungang-daero, Hyeonpung-Myeon, Dalseong-Gun, Daegu, 711-873, Rep. of Korea

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