Physics Important Questions / Mcqs Paper

Physics  Important Questions / Mcqs Paper

When force is parallel to displacement then work will be
a) Maximum b) Minimum c) Zero D None
2. If body of mass 3 kg is raised through 2 m then work done will be
a) 38.2 j b) 392.1 j c) 39.2 j d) 3.92 j
3. Balance float is
a) Stationary part b) Moveable part c) Both can be d) None of these
4. Which of the following is greater unit of power
a) Watt b) KW c) hp d) None
5. Proton, neutron ,electron and α particles have same momentum which of the following have greater K.E
a) Proton b) Electron c) Neutron d) Α particle
6. Slope of work time graph is
a) Displacement b) Acceleration c) Power d) Energy
7. Work done by variable force is determined by dividing
a) Force b) Displacement c) Both d) None
8. Escape velocity for grater bodies is
a) Also greater b) Smaller c) Not effected by size d) None of these
9. Highest value of escape velocity in solar system is for planet
a) Earth b) Jupiter c) Mars d) Moon
10. For frictional force work is always
a) Positive b) Negative c) Both can be d) None
11. Which of the following is not conservative force
a) Electric b) Magnetic c) friction d) Gravitational
12. Consumption of energy by a 60 W bulb in 2 second…….j
a) 120 b) 60 c) 30 d) 0.02
13. When two protons are brought together
a) P.E increases b) K.E increases c) Both decreases d) Both increases
14. Work done on a body is equal to change in its P.E in
a) Conservative field b) Non conservative c) Both d) None of these
15. Nms-1 is equal to
a) Joule b) Watt c) Both d) None


16 The work done by which force is always zero
a) Electric force b) Magnetic force c) Both d) None
17. Energy from biomass is
a) Renewable b) Non renewable c) Both can be d) None of these
18. The source of geothermal energy is
a) Sun b) Earth c) Moon d) All true
19. A body has more power then it means it has ability to do
a) More work b) Less work c) Moth true d) None of these
20. In particle physics …… is measured in eV
a) Work b) Energy c) both d)
21. Law of gravity becomes in valid at
a) Infinite distance b) Small distance c) Point masses d) Both b & c
22. For absolute potential energy reference point is
a) Surface of earth b) Infinity c) Both can be d) None of these
23. Reference point is necessary to measure
a) K.E b) P.E c) Both d) None
24. If air friction is counted then law of conservation of energy is
a) Valid b) Invalid c) Both possible d)
25. Bio fuel is replacement of
a) Bio gas b) Natural gas c) Gasoline d) None
26. Gravity of moon affects
a) Water only b) The whole surface of earth c) Liquid things only d) All possible
27. Centripetal force is always ……to displacement
a) Anti parallel b) Parallel c) Perpendicular d) None of these
28. Maximum angle between work and displacement in work done is
a) 0 b) 90 c) 180 d) 360
29. At infinite distance gravitational P.E becomes
a) Zero b) Maximum c) None of these d) None of these
30. A body has absolute P.E is equal to E,the minimum energy required to send it at infinity is
a)                       zero b) ‘E/2 c) E d) E/4

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