9th Class Examination 2015 Phyics Practical List Notes

9th Class Examination 2015 Phyics Practical List   Notes

1. Measure the area of cross section of a solid cylinder by measuring the diameter with
vernier calipers.
2. Determine the volume of a solid cylinder by measuring its length and diameter.
Chapter 2 Kinetics
3. Find the acceleration of a ball rolling down an inclined angle iron by drawing a graph between 2 Sand t2.
4. Find the value of gby free fall method.
Chapter 3 Dynamics
5. Find the force limiting friction by rolling a roller on a horizontal surface.
Chapter 4 Turning Effect of Forces
6. Determine the resultant of two forces graphically by using a horizontal force table.
7. Verify the principal of moments by using a meter rod balanced on a wedge.
8. Find the unknown weight of an object by using principal of moment.
Chapter 5 Gravitation
9. Study the effect of length of simple pendulum on its time period and hence find the
value of gby calculation.
10. Prove that time period of a simple pendulum is independent of amplitude of vibration.
Chapter 6 Properties of Matter
11. Determine the relationship between load and extension (helical spring) by drawing a
12. Find the density of a body heavier than water by Archimedes principal.
Chapter 7 Thermal Properties of Matter
13. Draw a graph between temperature and time when ice is converted into water and
then to steam by slow heating.
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