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10th Class Examination 2015 Biology Notes for Subjective Type Papers


10th Class Examination 2015 Biology  Notes for Subjective Type Papers

1 Difference between mutualism and commensalism.
2 Write about the four “R’s” of conservation of nature.
3 Write two effects each for acid rain and deforestation.
4 What is global warming? How it is caused?
5 Define ecosystem and biosphere.
6 Define population and community.
7 Define ecology.
8 What is eutrophication?
Question No. 3 —– [7 Marks]
1 What we can do to conserve our environment? Write at-least four points. (4)
2 How we can control air pollution? (3)
Question No. 4 —– [7 Marks]
1 Explain nitrogen cycle with diagram. (7)
Q. 5 Draw a single food web showing at-least 12 organisms linked with each other through different food chains and food webs. [5]
Q. 6 Give examples of following Interactions other than of book. Book examples contain ZERO marks.
1 What is meant by STDs? Give two examples.
2 What is Cowper’s gland? Where it is located and what is its function?
3 Which type of reproduction is considered as primitive type of reproduction? Give reason.
4 Give two advantages and two disadvantages of vegetative propagation in plants.
5 Write four advantages of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction
6 Write four advantages of fermenters.
7 What is Novel Protein? How it is different from natural protein?
8 What is importance of biotechnology? Support your answer with examples.
Question No. 3 —– [7 Marks]
1 Explain female reproductive system in detail with diagram. (7)
Question No. 4 —– [7 Marks]
1 What is fermentation? Its types?                                        (3)
2 What is fermenter? Its types? And its advantages.         (4)
Q. 5 How insulin is produced using genetic engineering? Explain with diagram. [5]
Q. 6 Draw structure of lateral section of flower with diagram.                         [5]

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