Short Story on “Haste makes waste”

Short Story on “Haste makes waste”

A jolly foolish man lived in a city with his family. He had some hens that he kept very dearly in an enclosure. One of his hens laid a golden egg every second or third day. The man becomes greedy. He thought of getting all the golden eggs from stomach of the hen in one attempt. He decided to kill the hen to take out all of them.

The man took a knife and started towards the courtyard where the hen was sitting. By chance a guest was staying in the man’s house. He asked him what he was going to do. The man told him that he was going to take out all the golden eggs from stomach of the hen. The guest advised him not to do so. But the man did not listen to him. He killed the hen and cut open its stomach. He was shocked to see that there was no golden egg in the hen’s stomach. He began crying widely. But now nothing could help him or bring him the hen or the golden egg.

The story teaches us the lesson that haste makes waste or greed is a curse.

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