English Essay on “Character of a Typical Pakistani”

English Essay on “Character of a Typical Pakistani”

The people of Pakistan belong to different areas and the areas they inhabit’ are equally different in many respects. In spite of it however an average. Pakistani has certain characteristics which make him typical of his nation. He is, first of all, religious minded. The religion he believes in is Islam and he takes pride in calling himself a Muslim. He has firm faith in God, the Prophet and the Holy Quran, and he is prepared to take any risk in the name of any of them. There are many other Muslim countries in the world, but perhaps it is only in Pakistan that its inhabitants have so much attachment to Islam.

His love of tradition is also typical. Fl is ways of life and conduct are determined by tradition, which consists of certain customs. In a marriage ceremony, for example tie observes the Conventions established long ago. He is a zealous patriot. In this, he resembles the people of any other Country, but the reasons why he loves his country so intensely are a little different.  He is a Muslim and knows that Pakistan was achieved in the name of Islam. He, therefore, loves Pakistan primarily as an Islamic country. But his sympathies are not restricted to Pakistan only. They extend to the other Muslim Centuries in the world with whose well-being he is equally concerned. Thus he has been one of the most ardent moral supporters of the Arab cause.

There are brave men in all countries but a typical Pakistani is exceptionally so. It is not for nothing that Pakistan is said to have one of the bravest armies in the world. The people all over Pakistan are courageous and daring. Then he is hospitable’ and is known everywhere as such. He is hard working. Belonging to a basically agricultural community and governed by the conditions of agricultural life, he undertakes rough and toilsome tasks. It is because of this fact that he produces some of the finest crops in the world.

Unfortunately, he is not well off economically. His income is low and he hardly makes his both ends meet. But this does not make him miserly Strangely enough, he spends quite lavishly especially on certain special occasions, such as birth, marriage and death. He borrows money very often and is mostly in debt. Again, his poor economic condition does not turn him into a depressed cynical fellow. To some extent, he is a fatalist. He has full faith in God and believes that nothing can happen without His will. This belief enables him to bear the hardships of life with a determined mind. He is usually cheerful.

This cheerfulness finds complete expression in fairs and festivals which he celebrates with great devotion and pomp, e.g., the two Eids. A typical Pakistani, thus, is a religious, patriotic, hospitable, brave, industrious and cheerful person and, on account of all these qualities, he becomes a very lovable human being.

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