Some Important MCQS History, Islam, Everyday Science

Some Important MCQS  History, Islam, Everyday Science

East India company established in 1600.
East India company was permitted in 1634 to trade in subcontinent.
East India company occupied Punjab in 1847.
Kashmir was sold to Gulab Singh in 1846.
First battle of Panipatt was fought in 1526.
2nd battle of Panipatt was fought in 1556.
3rd battle of Panipatt was fought in 1761.
Sir Syed born in 1817.
Real name of Titumir is Nisar Ali.
First Governor General was Quid-e-Azam.
2nd Governor General was Khwaja Nazimud-din.
Fisrt PM Liaqat Ali Khan.
First president was Sikender Mirza.
First law minister Jogandarnaath Mandal.
First Chief Election comissioner F.M.khan.
First Chief Justice Abdur-Rasheed.
First Chief of armed forces Sir Frank Messervy
First Chief of army staff Gen.Tikka khan
First SBP governor Zahid Hussain.
First speaker of national assembly Quide-Azam.
First deputy speaker was Molvi Tamizuddin Khan.
First capital of pakistan was karachi .
Islamabad become capital of pakistan in 1960.
Ayoob khan prime minister of pakistan for 5 days.
Military and Politics in Pakistan was wrote by Hasan Askari.
Discovery of Pakistan was wrote by Wahiduzaman.
Myth of independence by Z.A.Bhutto.
1st CMLA Ayub Khan.
2nd CMLA Yahya Khan.
3rd CMLA Z.A.Bhutto.
4th CMLA Ziaulhaq.

Land and Geography

Area of Pakistan is 796096 square km.
Landmass of Punjab is 25.8%
Landmass of Balochistan is 43.6%
Landmass of Sindh is 17.7%
Landmass of KPK is 9.4%
Landmass of FATA is 3.4%
Landmass of ICT is 0.1%
Western(Pakistani)rivers are Indus,Jehlum,chenab.
Sindh consist of 04 rivers.
Balochistan consist of 07 rivers.
Length of river Indus is 2896 km.
Length of river Chenab is 1242 km.
Length of river Ravi is 901 km.
Oldest barrage is Sukkur.
Warsak dam is situated in FATA,
Basha Dam is situated in Gilgit Baltistan.
Mirani dam is in Balochistan.
Mangla dam is located between Kashmir and Punjab.
Deepest place of Pakistan is Arabian sea.

Everyday Science

Most expensive element is Platinium.
Chemical name of vitamin C is Ascorbic acid.
Hydrogen is 14 times lighter than air.
Bones in human body are 206.
Cosmology is the study of universe.
Unit of Force is newton,dyne etc.
Universe has been created 13.5 billion years ago.
The planet nearest to sun is Mercury
Copper is the best conductor of electricity.
SI system was introduced in 1960.
Blood cells are manufactured by bone marrow of the body.
The Kelvin scale of temperature is called the absolute scale.
The science of study of old age is called Gerontology.
The instrument used for measuring the velocity is called Anemometer.
The science which deals with the bird is called Ornithology.
In a normal resting man, the rate of heart beat is 72 per minute.
The brightest planet is Venus.
Ibn Baitar was a renowned Muslim Botanist.
Solar eclipse occurs in full moon.
Standard pressure is 760 mm-Hg.
Kitab-al-Manazar is publication by a famous Muslim Scientist about Optics.
Cytology is the branch of biology which deals with the study of structure and function of cells.
A branch of medicine studying blood and its disorders is called Haematology.
A biological study of external form and structure of living organisms or their parts is Morphology.
A study of the chemical composition of the earth‘s crust is called Geology.
Frequency of audible sound is 20-20,000 Hz.
Deficiency of vitamin B causes Beriberi.
The chemical generally used in refrigerator is Freon
The outer most layer of the earth is called Crust.
The memory of the computer is expressed in bytes.
AIDS is caused by Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV).
Richter scale measures the severity of Earthquake.
Cod liver oil contains Vitamin D.
Blue colour has shortest wavelength.
Light travels fattest in Vacuum.
Rickets is caused by the deficiency of vitamin D.
Generators convert mechanical energy into electricity.


Namaz e Istisqa is prayer for rain.
The word Tehlil means recitation of Kalima.
Makkah was conquered in 8 A.H
Zakat was made obligatory in 2 A.H
700 times Muslims have been commanded fro the performance of Namaz.
25 Prophets(A.S) are mentioned in Holy Quraan.
Major portion of Quraan was revealed at nigh time.
The first Wahi consisted of 5 verses.
Hazrat Musa has been mentioned in Quraan 135 times.
Hazrat Ibrahim has been mentioned in Quraan 63 times.
First Haafiz Quraan was Hazrat Usman R.A
Women firstly took part in battle of Uhud.
Azan started in 1st hijri.
First Eid-ul-Azha in 2nd hijri .

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