Short Story on “The Tailor and the Elephant”

Short Story on “The Tailor and the Elephant”

There lived a tailor in a small village. The village was situated near a river. The tailor was a kind hearted and generous fellow. But he was a man of fiery temper also. In this village there lived a fellow who had a pet elephant. The elephant daily went to the river to drink water. He passed by the shop of the tailor. As the tailor was a big-hearted person, he gave the elephant a loaf of bread daily.

They had developed a fast friendship. One day, the tailor was sitting in a bad mood. The elephant came there at his usual time. He put his trunk into the shop to get a loaf of bread. As the tailor was in bad temper, he pricked his trunk with a needle instead of giving him a loaf of bread. The elephant got offended. He went to the river and quenched his thirst. On his return, he filled his trunk with muddy water. When he reached the shop of the tailor, he put his trunk into the shop and sprinkled mud into it. All the silken clothes in the shop were smeared with sludge. The walls were mud stained. The sewing machines were filled with mire. The tailor was saddened. He realized his mistake and repented of his being offensive to the elephant but it was no use crying over spilt milk.

Tit for tat.
Do not heart others.
As you sow, so shall you reap
He who digs a pit for others, himself falls into it.
Pride hath a fall.
Wisdom rules power

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