Letter : To telling about the importance of good behavior

Letter : To telling about the importance of good behavior

Examination Hall,
April 03, 2014

My dear Asif,

I am shocked to learn about your misbehavior with your teachers and friends from the letter received from your Head Master who is going to rusticate you if you do not improve. Simple, innocent and well behaved as you once were, we did not bother about your conduct. It appears that you have made contacts with bad boys and are under their influence. You have gone even to the extent of misbehaving with your teachers whom the Holy Book calls second father. Infect you have sinned against God by violating His commandment and He shall in no case forgive you. You must e.g. His pardon first earnestly and then repent for the sin.

You must realize that you come from a noble family and good behavior is a symbol of good breeding. Besides, you must know that if you misbehave with others, they vi1l also pay you in the same coins. If you expect respect from others you must respect them first. Good conduct cost you nothing but wins foryou appreciation, appraisal, respect and good will of people. Misconduct is a sin.

I am sure you have not gone to the extent of no return and expect you to realize your short comings. You must cultivate good manners and leave your bad friends. Good manners will award you through out your life.

Hoping to find you a changed boy,

Yours affectionately

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