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English Essay on “The Birth of Pakistan”


English Essay on “The Birth of Pakistan”

Pakistan came into being on the 14th of August. Before that day it was a part of British India. The Pakistan Movement had been started by the All India Muslim League which had been formed in 1906 to safeguard the interests of the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. Ever since the fall of Moghal Empire, they had been oppressed by both the British and the Hindus. They had been kept backward. Still they had joined hinds with the Hindus to end the foreign rule, but the Hindus never accepted them as a nation. They had joined All-India Congress, but their co-operation was never respected.

This humiliating treatment forced them to form a party of their own—the Muslim League. The Muslim League tried to reach an understanding with the Congress, the representative political party of the Hindus, in order to secure an honorble place for the Muslims in free India, but in vain. The Hindus rejected Quaid-i-Azam’s Points which demanded separate Muslim representation and other safeguards for the protection of Muslims religion, culture and language in the future polity of Then in 1935, the Congress ministries in the Hindu majority provinces put into action many schemes to oppress Muslims, and encouraged the Hindus to riot against them.

This naturally gave the Muslims a rude shock. They had repeatedly extended their hand of co-operation and friendship but every time they were repulsed. Now they reacted and demanded a separate homeland. lqbal presented the idea of a separate Muslim State in his presidential address at the Allahabad session of the Muslim League. The idea was welcomed by the Muslims who had become completely disillusioned with the Hindus. At last in March , the Muslim League passed the Pakistan Resolution in its meeting at Lahore.

The Hindus bitterly opposed the partition of India. But the Muslims of India united under the inspiring guidance of Quaid-i-Azam, and worked passionately for the achievement of their ideal. In 1945, elections to the Provincial and the Central Assemblies were held. The Muslim League won almost all the Muslim seats. It was a clear verdict of the Muslims: they wanted Pakistan.

The Hindus then realized that they could not check the emergence of Pakistan, and they accepted it with bitterness. They demanded the division of the Punjab and Bengal. The British readily accepted their demand, though both of these provinces had a clear Muslim majority. The Muslims had no alternative they had to accept it. Thus on the 14th of August 1947, the British rule in India ended, and the independent State of Pakistan was created.

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