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Physics Mcqs for Mcat and Ecat Test


Physics Mcqs for Mcat and Ecat Test

The angle at which the maximum
range of projectile equals in
magnitude to the height is:
(a) tan-I 45
(b) tan-I 760
(a) tan-I 4
(b) tan 760

2. Telescope is an optical device is
used for viewing distant objects. The
magnification of the telescope is given
by the relation:
(a) Fo/Fe
(b) Fo x Fe
(c) Fo + Fe
(d) 1 + d/fe

3. The changes which take place when
the gas expands or compressed
rapidly, particularly when the gas is
contained in an insulated cylinder
energy transfer is zero then the
process is:
(a) Isothermal

(c) Isobaric
(d) Adiabatic

4. Capacitance of a parallel plate
capacitor increase with decrease in:
(a) current
(b) voltage
(c) separation b/w them
(d) both voltage distance and current
5. what will be the resistance of the
wire when the current passing
through it is 2.5 ampere and the
potential difference applied across its
end is 1.5v the length of the wire is 25cm and its across sectional area is 2 x 10-5 m2 :
(a) 5 x 106
(b) 3x 106Ω
(c) 0.6Ω
(d) 0.36Ω

6. The process through which a heavy
nucleus splits up into lighter nuclei
with energy release is:
(a) fusion
(b) fission
(c) α decay
(d) β decay
7. In a solenoid the magnetic
induction is given by the relation.
(a) B = µO/nl
(b) B =µ onl2
(c) B=nl/uo
(d) B = µ onl

8. The dimensions of pressure is equal

(a) force per unit length
energy per unit length
(c) energy per unit volume
(d) force per unit volume
9. The heat dissipated by a current I in
a wire of resistance R during a time
interval t is given by:
(a). I2 Rt
(b) IR2 t
(c) IRt
(d) IRt2

10. An oil film floating on water
surface exhibits beautiful colour
patterns due to:

(c) Newtons’s ring
(d) Huygen’s principle.

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