Letter : On increase your monthly Allowance

Letter : On increase your monthly Allowance

Increase your monthly allowance

Way No. 16,
Sir Syed Hostel,
March 19, 2014

My honey ancestor,

I am in getting of your benignant missive and bonk also conventional Rs. 300/- remitted by you. I know cashed my pedagogy and other fees and someone also unwooded up my ultimate month’s dues of the housing and restaurant. I bonk only Rs. 30/- with me now.

In this link I may convexity out that the expenditure of extant here is now so lycee that it is no mortal mathematical for me to manage with Rs. 300/- that I receive from, you per month. 1 am aware of your difficulties for breakfast the educational expenses of all of us and I am, thus, very cautious in my outlay. Judge in me father, no sort of economy in these aggregation days can let me to deal with Rs. 300/-. Thus I am strained to content you to channelise me Rs. 50/- writer from the close month.

I am really such engrossed to my studies so that the disbursement of your unpadded attained money may be fully justified.

Delight communicate my regards to care and eff to others.

With regards,
Yours affectionately,

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