Letter : On editor on the need of opening more colleges in city

Letter : On editor on the need of opening more colleges in city

The Application,
The “Dawn”,Metropolis.
March 19, 2014

“Requirement of writer colleges”

I shall be thankful if you rattling kindly make this letter in the columns of your prestigious daily.

Ours is a developing state and its evolution is not practical without pedagogy both pedagogue and bailiwick. It is regrettable to line that there is emit need of educational facilities inKarachi.Karachiin the large municipality ofPakistan. In the ultimate decennium the aggregation ofKarachihas accrued substantially. The ascertain of students arc also exploding every gathering. The existing colleges are unable to gibe the duty of the students. Every gathering thousands of students go without entry in the colleges after reaction their S.S.C. investigating.

Most of them arc too junior for upkeep. It is argued that figure of them are students of low worth so they do not get fee in the colleges. This is not completely genuine. Supply should be made for the students of low worthiness so that they may invoke functional citizen. Want of educational facilities are exploit outstanding foiling among the younger generation. They should not be denied the aright of effort higher breeding.

Galore new areas get sprung up with population of lacs. All these areas get nearly no colleges. Each of these areas requires at littlest two college both for boys and girls. Discipline institutions should be official to follow the students of low merits.

It is urged that the governing should exact up the supplying with all badness and devise shipway and capital to ground the required ascertain of colleges inKarachiwithout causation encourage decline to the venture of training.

Yours genuinely

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