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What steps were taught for “education’ to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by the Almighty Allah?
2. Which is the best book to read and teach?
3. What kind of condition was imposed on the prisoners of the battle of Badr?
4. Who is the custodian of truth mentioned in the lesson?
5. What question did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) ask before concluding his address to the Ansar?
6. How would you describe the word “festival”?
7. What is the purpose of celebrating a festival?
8. Name the religious festivals of the Muslims.
9. When and how are the national events celebrated in Pakistan?
10. What is the importance of a Lok Mela?
11. What important religious events took place on th 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal?
12. What is the importance of the 14th August in the history of Pakistan?
13. In what single word can the difference between a brain and computer be expressed?
14. How much does the human brain weigh?
15. How long will I take to build a computer complex enough to duplicate the human brain?
16. Can computers think? Explain your answer.
17. Do you think computers have the capacity to take over the world?
18. Why do the people move around in the country?
19. What is the importance of transport in the country?
20. What is auto-traffic?
21. How should enemies be treated according to the Holy Quran?
22. Mention any two clauses of the Treaty of Madina.
23. What is meant by “mutual cooperation”?
24. Give the qualities of Allah as stated by the wrier of the letter.
25. “Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you”. What should one do and what should one
not do according to the advice given the letter?
26. What does a man lose when he tries to attain his heart’s desire?
27. What is the respectable way of earning a livelihood?
28. What kind of advice has been given by the father to the son?
29. What kind of life did Hazrat Ali (R.A) and Hazrat Bibi (R.A) Fatima lead
30. Write a few lines t describe Hazrat Ali’s (R.A) early childhood..

Who took care of him?
32. How did Hazrat Ali (R.A) behave with his enemies?
33. What does Faisalabad specialize in?
34. Name a few of the crafts in various cities of the province of Punjab.
35. Which handicrafts are produced in Balauchistan?
36. What do the crafts of a country represent?
37. Name four drugs or narcotics which are generally used.
38. How are we caught in the net of drugs? OR Why do people become drug addicts?
39. From where do we get heroin?
40. What steps have been taken to stop the production of heroin?
41. Writer down the chief characteristics of th personality of Hazrat Umer Bin Abdul Aziz (R.A).
42. Why did the Khalifah invite certain people to dinner?
43. Why did he order his cook to serve the meal late?
44. What did he serve when his guests were hungry?
45. Why did the guests refuse to eat the dinner?
46. What was the lesson taught by the Khalifah?
47. How was the taxi driver driving in Rawalpindi?
48. After entering Islamabad, the driver became a changed person. Why?
49. How can the police give us traffic education?
50. What is a zebra crossing and what is it for?
51. Mention any two traffic rules?
52. What is the benefit of early rising?
53. What is meant by follow land?
54. How can harsh words break a person’s heart?
55. Where was Farah born and bred?
56. Why was she surprised and displeased at the ceremony?
57. Compare and contrast the two wedding ceremonies.
58. What are the poetess feelings about how her mother treated her when she was a small child?
59. What is the meaning of Quaid’s motto?
60. What did he say in an interview to Beverley Nicholas?
61. How can we make Pakistan great?

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