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English Essay on A Scene at the Railway Station


English Essay on A Scene at the Railway Station

A railway station is one of the most interesting place in the world. One would come across different kinds of people here. Rich and poor, high and low, old and young, all assemble here. It is humming with activity long before the arrival or the departure of a train; and just at the time of the arrival or the departure of a train, the activity rises to a feverish pitch. The station becomes as noisy as a marketplace.

We find, on the railway station, hawkers and vendors selling sweets, eatables and fruits. We find newspaper-boys selling newspapers in a sing-song style. A large number of people come to the station to see off their nears and dears. Coolies with their uniforms rush forward to unload the luggage and carry it to the train. There is a heavy rush at the third class booking-office.

Whatever the time for the arrival or the departure of the train, every person is impatient to get the ticket first. He thrusts his hand into the little hole of the window and gets a Then we find him excitedly shouting to a coolie to follow him. Some passengers carry their own baggage by themselves.

When the train arrives, all are anxious to get into it and occupy a seat. The station staff are busy with their duties. The ticket collector is at the gate. He collects tickets from the passengers. A railway station is usually busy throughout the day, and sometimes even during the night. To visit a railway station is to visit a human museum, where you learn many things and see many things.

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