VU Announcement! Program wise list of successful candidates appeared in VU Entry Test Fall 2014

VU Announcement! Program wise list of successful candidates appeared in VU Entry Test Fall 2014

Given below is a list of successful candidates appeared in VU Entry Test for Fall 2014 Admission towards MS Bioinformatics, MS Computer Science and MS Business Administration.  The successful candidates are required to pay their Admission Dues and other University charges in order to confirm their admission on or before Monday, 20th October 2014.  for commencement date of fall 2014 semester and other important dates.


MS Bioinformatics
Admission Form No. Center Status
MSW005714 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005947 VLHR03 Pass
MSW006034 VLHR03 Pass


MS Computer Science
Admission Form No. Center Status
MSH003615 VMTN01 Pass
MSH003616 VMTN01 Pass
MSH003705 VJHM01 Pass
MSH003719 VLHR02 Pass
MSH003739 VJHM01 Pass
MSH003748 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003758 VIBD01 Pass
MSH003769 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003770 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003772 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003773 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003775 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003776 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003781 PMNW01 Pass
MSH003785 VLHR03 Pass
MSH003786 VLHR03 Pass
MSH003797 VLHR03 Pass
MSH003805 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003814 VRWP01 Pass
MSH003829 VMTN01 Pass
MSH003839 VDGK01 Pass
MSH003840 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003842 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003845 VMTN01 Pass
MSH003849 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003850 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003852 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003853 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003857 VBWP01 Pass
MSH003873 VLHR02 Pass
MSH003888 VLHR03 Pass
MSH003899 VRWP01 Pass
MSH003916 VMTN01 Pass
MSH003917 VRWP01 Pass
MSH003966 VJHM01 Pass
MSH003967 VLHR03 Pass
MSH003969 VFSD01 Pass
MSH003974 VLHR01 Pass
MSH003983 VMTN01 Pass
MSH003984 VMTN01 Pass
MSH004005 VFSD01 Pass
MSH004046 VSWL01 Pass
MSW004862 PSKT01 Pass
MSW004864 VLHR02 Pass
MSW004867 VSWL01 Pass
MSW004881 VIBD01 Pass
MSW004893 VIBD01 Pass
MSW004896 VMTN01 Pass
MSW004904 VMTN01 Pass
MSW004911 VIBD01 Pass
MSW004915 VLHR02 Pass
MSW004917 PSKT01 Pass
MSW004919 VLHR02 Pass
MSW004922 VKHI01 Pass
MSW004924 PSKT01 Pass
MSW004933 VMTN01 Pass
MSW004934 VFSD01 Pass
MSW004949 VIBD01 Pass
MSW004952 VLHR02 Pass
MSW004955 VLHR02 Pass
MSW004960 VLHR02 Pass
MSW004962 VIBD01 Pass
MSW004964 VSWL01 Pass
MSW004970 VFSD01 Pass
MSW004974 VKHI01 Pass
MSW004976 VFSD01 Pass
MSW004978 VBWN01 Pass
MSW004983 VLHR02 Pass
MSW004988 VFSD01 Pass
MSW004990 VMTN01 Pass
MSW004991 VLHR02 Pass
MSW004992 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005012 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005015 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005020 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005026 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005028 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005032 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005033 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005037 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005039 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005043 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005044 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005048 VDGK01 Pass
MSW005051 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005052 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005060 PSGD01 Pass
MSW005062 PSKT01 Pass
MSW005064 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005065 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005072 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005073 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005080 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005090 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005091 PSKT01 Pass
MSW005093 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005097 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005101 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005104 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005112 VDGK01 Pass
MSW005122 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005124 VMZG01 Pass
MSW005129 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005130 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005134 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005136 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005139 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005142 PSKT01 Pass
MSW005155 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005157 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005166 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005169 PSKT01 Pass
MSW005177 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005192 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005198 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005200 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005201 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005202 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005208 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005209 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005210 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005211 PSKT01 Pass
MSW005214 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005218 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005222 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005223 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005225 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005228 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005239 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005241 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005244 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005250 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005252 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005255 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005262 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005264 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005283 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005288 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005300 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005304 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005306 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005310 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005311 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005316 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005319 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005325 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005327 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005330 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005331 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005337 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005347 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005348 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005354 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005359 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005364 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005369 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005379 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005387 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005391 VQTA01 Pass
MSW005393 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005398 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005399 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005400 VQTA01 Pass
MSW005405 AKMP01 Pass
MSW005406 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005407 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005413 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005414 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005419 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005424 VSKR02 Pass
MSW005436 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005443 PSGD01 Pass
MSW005449 VBWP01 Pass
MSW005450 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005457 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005458 VBWN01 Pass
MSW005465 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005467 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005478 VJHM01 Pass
MSW005480 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005482 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005484 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005493 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005495 VJHM01 Pass
MSW005498 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005499 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005502 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005503 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005507 AKMP01 Pass
MSW005509 PSKT01 Pass
MSW005517 AKMP01 Pass
MSW005520 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005523 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005529 PMNW01 Pass
MSW005532 VBWP01 Pass
MSW005534 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005546 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005550 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005551 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005564 VQTA01 Pass
MSW005569 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005571 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005574 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005576 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005580 OPKST Pass
MSW005583 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005587 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005589 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005591 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005594 VBWN01 Pass
MSW005596 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005605 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005606 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005613 PSKT01 Pass
MSW005626 VHYD01 Pass
MSW005643 VQTA01 Pass
MSW005645 VBWP01 Pass
MSW005657 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005663 OPKST Pass
MSW005675 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005679 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005681 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005683 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005703 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005715 NMNG01 Pass
MSW005725 OPKST Pass
MSW005762 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005767 OPKST Pass
MSW005769 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005771 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005784 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005785 NMNG01 Pass
MSW005794 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005805 PSKT01 Pass
MSW005809 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005810 PRYK01 Pass
MSW005811 PRYK01 Pass
MSW005837 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005847 VMZG01 Pass
MSW005851 VABT01 Pass
MSW005852 VQTA01 Pass
MSW005854 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005886 OPKST Pass
MSW005895 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005903 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005904 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005915 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005917 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005926 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005930 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005934 VQTA01 Pass
MSW005952 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005954 AKMD02 Pass
MSW005963 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005967 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005968 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005981 VJHM01 Pass
MSW005982 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005984 VQTA01 Pass
MSW005989 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005995 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005997 NKHT01 Pass
MSW006007 VFSD01 Pass
MSW006011 VSWL01 Pass
MSW006018 PSKT01 Pass
MSW006021 VBWP01 Pass
MSW006022 PSKT01 Pass
MSW006023 VIBD01 Pass
MSW006026 VLHR03 Pass
MSW006027 VBWP01 Pass


MS Business Administration
Admission Form No. Center Status
MSH003528 VLHR03 Pass
MSH003555 PSKT01 Pass
MSH003556 PSKT01 Pass
MSH003557 PSKT01 Pass
MSH003558 PSKT01 Pass
MSH003559 PSKT01 Pass
MSH003560 PSKT01 Pass
MSH003605 VLHR02 Pass
MSH003611 VGJW01 Pass
MSH003628 NKHT01 Pass
MSH003639 VRWP01 Pass
MSH003640 VRWP01 Pass
MSH003658 VBWP01 Pass
MSH003661 VBWP01 Pass
MSH003664 VBWP01 Pass
MSH003677 VLHR01 Pass
MSH003678 VLHR03 Pass
MSH003683 NKHT01 Pass
MSH003684 VLHR01 Pass
MSH003706 VFSD01 Pass
MSH003713 VLHR02 Pass
MSH003725 VLHR02 Pass
MSH003742 VLHR02 Pass
MSH003755 VLHR02 Pass
MSH003764 VIBD01 Pass
MSH003765 VIBD01 Pass
MSH003766 VIBD01 Pass
MSH003768 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003771 VLHR02 Pass
MSH003792 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003794 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003802 PSKT01 Pass
MSH003823 PRYK01 Pass
MSH003825 VLHR01 Pass
MSH003828 VLHR02 Pass
MSH003841 VRWP01 Pass
MSH003861 VLHR01 Pass
MSH003864 VLHR03 Pass
MSH003880 VLHR01 Pass
MSH003913 VFSD01 Pass
MSH003915 VMTN01 Pass
MSH003922 VJHM01 Pass
MSH003926 VSWL01 Pass
MSH003963 VGJW01 Pass
MSH003968 VJHM01 Pass
MSH003982 VKHI01 Pass
MSH003999 VLHR01 Pass
MSH004000 VBWN01 Pass
MSH004003 VSWL01 Pass
MSH004006 VIBD01 Pass
MSH004011 VGJW01 Pass
MSH004013 VFSD01 Pass
MSH004014 VBWP01 Pass
MSH004015 VBWP01 Pass
MSH004016 VBWP01 Pass
MSH004021 VBWP01 Pass
MSH004022 VBWP01 Pass
MSH004024 NMNG01 Pass
MSH004025 NMNG01 Pass
MSH004037 VJHM01 Pass
MSH004041 VRWP01 Pass
MSH004047 VGJW01 Pass
MSW004849 OPKST Pass
MSW004874 VLHR03 Pass
MSW004884 OPKST Pass
MSW004894 OPKST Pass
MSW004897 VRWP01 Pass
MSW004909 VMTN01 Pass
MSW004912 OPKST Pass
MSW004956 PSKT01 Pass
MSW004965 OPKST Pass
MSW004972 VKHI01 Pass
MSW004998 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005001 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005013 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005027 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005029 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005035 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005042 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005045 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005046 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005059 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005066 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005068 VHYD01 Pass
MSW005071 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005078 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005079 OPKST Pass
MSW005081 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005083 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005085 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005102 PSGD01 Pass
MSW005109 VBWP01 Pass
MSW005119 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005131 VBWP01 Pass
MSW005133 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005145 VBWP01 Pass
MSW005146 VBWP01 Pass
MSW005147 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005149 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005152 OPKST Pass
MSW005158 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005167 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005173 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005183 OPKST Pass
MSW005188 VSKR02 Pass
MSW005189 VJHM01 Pass
MSW005195 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005197 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005199 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005203 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005207 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005227 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005229 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005230 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005243 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005245 VBWN01 Pass
MSW005247 PSKT01 Pass
MSW005253 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005256 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005257 VJHM01 Pass
MSW005258 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005260 VSKR02 Pass
MSW005269 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005270 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005278 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005303 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005324 VDGK01 Pass
MSW005326 OPKST Pass
MSW005346 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005390 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005409 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005416 VBDN01 Pass
MSW005418 OPKST Pass
MSW005435 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005437 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005439 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005440 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005441 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005442 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005474 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005487 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005488 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005505 OPKST Pass
MSW005511 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005528 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005533 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005536 VABT01 Pass
MSW005537 VQTA01 Pass
MSW005542 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005575 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005585 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005609 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005612 VJHM01 Pass
MSW005614 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005616 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005619 PSKT01 Pass
MSW005621 PSGD01 Pass
MSW005622 VSWL01 Pass
MSW005629 OPKST Pass
MSW005631 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005632 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005635 OPKST Pass
MSW005644 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005664 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005670 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005671 AKMD02 Pass
MSW005690 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005695 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005706 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005708 VIBD01 Pass
MSW005726 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005727 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005728 VJHM01 Pass
MSW005733 VBWP01 Pass
MSW005748 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005749 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005758 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005781 VQTA01 Pass
MSW005786 AKMP01 Pass
MSW005806 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005808 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005824 VFSD01 Pass
MSW005825 VRWP01 Pass
MSW005832 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005842 VLHR03 Pass
MSW005850 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005865 AKMP01 Pass
MSW005867 PSKT01 Pass
MSW005872 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005908 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005928 VQTA01 Pass
MSW005937 VLHR02 Pass
MSW005940 VPSW01 Pass
MSW005950 VMTN01 Pass
MSW005958 PRYK01 Pass
MSW005959 VKHI01 Pass
MSW005964 VGJW01 Pass
MSW005965 VLHR01 Pass
MSW005969 VKHI01 Pass
MSW006008 VLHR01 Pass
MSW006015 VPSW01 Pass
MSW006016 VKHI01 Pass
MSW006024 VLHR01 Pass
MSW006025 VBWP01 Pass
MSW006036 VLHR02 Pass
MSW006037 VLHR03 Pass


Note: Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE)

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