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Intermediate Pakistan Studies Short Questions and Answers

Intermediate Pakistan Studies Short Questions and Answers

When was the Zakat System introduced in Pakistan?
Ans..The Zakat System was introduced in the country through the Zakat and Ushr Ordinance on June 20,1980.According to this ordinance,zakat fund would be established to collect these sorts of gifts and it was compulsory for every sahib-e-nisab Muslim whetehr male or female to pay zakat by deducting it from his or her account in the bank.

27.Name the first casts of Hindu Society?
Ans.The Hindu Society was divided into the following four casts:
(i) Brahman
(ii) Khatri
(iii) Vaish
(iv) Shooder

28.Which caste is respected the most in the Hindu Society?

Ans.The Brahman’s are considered the most superior in the Hindu society.

29.What are the works given to the Khatris?
Ans.The occupation of Khatris was to fight and defend the country.

30.What is the occupation of Vaish?
Ans.The people of the Vaish caste are farmerstraders ,industrialist and artisans.

31.What was the occupation of Shooder?
Ans.The people of Shooder caste were considered the lowest of other casts.They had to serve the other castes,i.e they were slaved.

32.How did Urdu language came into being?
Ans.The Mughal army consisted of people belonging to different communities of India and speaking different languages. By intermingling of these people,a new language by the name of Urdu came into existance.

33.Name the Sufi’s who worked for the spread of Islam in South Asia?
Ans.The Sufi’s and Saints who worked for the spreading of Islam in South Asia are:
(i) Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh
(ii) Khuwaja Moeenuddin Chishti
(iii) Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani
(iv) Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalander
(v) Hazrat BahaUddin Zakaria

34.What do you mean by “Ideology of Pakistan”.?
Ans.Pakistan came into existence of the basis of one ideology and this ideology refers that Islam is the religion of all the Muslims and this Islamic ideology is the idiology of Pakistan,

35.Which province did not have any constitution during the British rule?
Ans.The British had made North West Frontier Province as “Non-Constitutional Land”.

36.When did Partition of Bengal take place and benefited from it?When and had did the annulment of partition took place?
Ans.The Partition of Bengal took place in 1905 and this was the first right step taken by the British towards the intrests of Muslims,but the narrow-minded Hindus could not bear this and due to thier opposition the annulment of partition took place in 1911.

37.Why did the Muslims not accept the Nehru Report?
Ans.In the Nehru Report,the Hindus did no respect the rights and intrests of Muslims and not fulfilled the promises made by them.Therefore,the Muslims did not accept the Nehru Report.

38.Why didQuaid-e-Azam presented his fourteen points?
Ans.Quaid-e-Azam presented his fourteen points in reply to the Nehru Report.

39.Why did the round table conference failed?
Ans.The Round Table Conference failed due to the narrow-mindedness and negative attitude of the Hindus.

40.Write down the points of the Indian Independence Act of 1947?
Ans.The important points of Indian Independence Act are:
(i) The legislative supremacy of the two dominions.
(ii) The legislatures of the two Dominions were given full powers to make laws having extra-territorial jurisdication.
(iii) The British Government was to have no control over the affairs of the Dominions.Provinces or any part of the Dominions after 15th August,1947.

41.What were the important points of third June Plan?
Ans.The important points of third June Plan was are as follows:
(i) India was to be divided into Hindustan And Pakistan.
(ii) Pakistan was to comprise the Muslim majority areas with a right to secede from the rest of India.
(iii) The Muslims majority areas would be demarcated by a Joint Boundary Commission.
(iv) Bengal would be partitioned into Muslim and Hindu majority areas.

42.Which party formed the Government of Britain when the sub-continent was partitioned?
Ans.The Labour Party ruled the Government of Britain when India was partitioned.

43.Write the name of some Muslim Leaders who worked during the Pakistan Movements?
Ans.(i) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
(ii) Nawab Salim Ullah
(iii) Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk
(iv) Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk
(v) Sir Agha Khan
(vi) Allama Iqbal
(vii) Quaid-e-Azam

44.During the World War II,what promise did the British Government made towards the people of sub-continent?
Ans.The British Government promised the people of sub-continent that India will be partitioned after the end of the Second World War.

45.How many Resolutions did the U.N passed regarding Kashmir problem?
Ans.The Security Council of United Nations passed two Resolutins on 17th August,1948 and 5th January,1949.

46.What did Quaid-e-Azam said about Radcliff Commission?’
Ans.The Quaid-e-Azam remarked about Radcliff Commission or Radcliff award:
“The award was a parting Kick of the British Government.”

47.What was the percentage of Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir according to the census of 1941?
Ans.According to the census of 1941,the Muslim population in Kashmir was 96% and in Jammu,it was 70%.

48.What do you know about Mohammad Ali Bogra Formula?
Ans.In the period of third Prime Minister,Mr.Mohammad Ali Bogra,great efforts were made for the preparation of the constitution in the light of the recommendations of the committee he was able to prepare a draft bill of the constitution which is known as “Mohammad Ali Bogra’s Formula”.In this formula,it was suggested to give equal representation to East and West Pakistan.

49.When was the objective resolution passed?
Ans.The objective resolution was passed on 12th March,1949 in the Constituent Assembly.

50.Which event took place in the history of constitution making of Pakistan 1955?
Ans.It was hoped that after Mohammad Ali Bogra Formula,a constitution would be made in the country but in 1954,the Governer General dismissed the Constituent Assembly and in 1955,a new constituent Assembly was elected which started the work of constitution making.

51.How long did the 1956 constitution last?
Ans.The constitution of 1956 lasted for only two and a half years.On 7th October,1958,the army took over the Government.

52.According to the constitution of 1962,name the council that was established to point out the non-Islamic things.
Ans.The Council which was established to point out the non-Islamic things is known as “Islamic Ideology Council”.

53.How long did the constitution of 1962 last?
Ans.This constituted lasted for 7 years.On 25th March,1969,Ayub Khan resigned and gave the power to the army.General Yahya Khan dismissed the 1962 constitution and enforceed Martial Law in the country.

54.When was the legal frame work Order issue?
Ans.The legal frame work Order was issued on March 30th,1970.The said order contained the fundamental principles of the constitution to be framed by the elected assembly as well as the number of seats in National and Provincial Assembly for the General Elections to be held.

55.When were the Shariat Courts formed and where is its head office?
Ans.Shariat Courts were established in 1979 and its head office is at Islamabad.

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