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Agricultural Economics And Farm Management Mcqs

Agricultural Economics And Farm Management Mcqs

______ an application of the accounting principles to the business of farming:
A. Farm planning B. Farm budgeting
C. Farm accounting D. Marketing
Beef’ and ‘hides’ are examples of:
A. Independent enterprise B. Joint enterprise
C. Supplementary enterprise D. Competitive enterprise
Which of the following is not correctly matched?
A. App rises continuously till APP and MPP is both equal. B. MPP rises continuously – Till MPP is more than APP
C. TPP rises continuously – Till MPP is not equal to Zero D. APP & MPP both fall but TPP rises. When MPP is less than APP but more than zero
Rent is the price paid for the use of land” who said it?
A. Ricardo B. Carber
C. Keynes D. None of above
“Under free and prefect competition there could not be any involuntary unemployment amongst wage earners in the labour market”. This theory was established by:
A. Prof. J.B. Say B. Prof. Pigou
C. Prof. Keynes D. None of above
Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
A. Elasticity of production = Stage III of classical production function greater than unity B. Negative marginal product = Stge III of classical production function
C. Negative elasticity of production = Stage III of classical production function D. Average product decreases but is greater than marginal product = Stage II of classical production function
World Trade Organization (W.T.O.) was established in:
A. 1992 B. 1998
C. 1995 D. 1997
A consumer spends his income according to the law of:
A. Diminishing marginal utility B. Increasing cost
C. Equi-marginal utility D. Least cost
A crop loan over Rs. 1,00,000 will require:
A. Equitable mortagage B. Registered mortgage of land
C. Personal security D. None of these
A farmer having less than one hectare of irrigated the land, is known as:
A. Small farmers B. Marginal farmers
C. Big farmers D. None of the above
A farmer, which has land holding between 1 to 2 hectare known as:
A. Marginal farmer B. Small farmer
C. Optimal farmer D. None of the above
A group of technical units are known as:
A. Farm firm B. Plant
C. Economic unit D. All above
A holding which allow to a man a chance of producing sufficient to support himself and his family in reasonable comfort after paying his necessary expenses is called:
A. Basic holding B. Optimum holding
C. Operational holding D. Economic holding
A market in which the purchase and sale is a commodity takes place at time ‘t’ but the exchange of the commodity takes after t + 1 time, the market is known as:
A. Spot B. Cash market
C. Forward market D. General market
A market structure with large number of firms selling homogeneous product is known as:
A. Monopoly market B. Monopolistic competition
C. Perfect competition D. None of these
A normative farm plan is one which the farmer:
A. Has already put into operation on his farm B. Should adopt during the current 5 year plan period
C. Had actually adopted in the earlier 5 year plan periods
A single convenient unit in production for which technical co-efficient are calculated is known as:
A. Units of accounting B. Technical units
C. Marginal units D. None of the above
A statement, which shows the financial condition and stability of the business at a particular point of time, is known as:
A. Net worth statement B. Business statement
C. Physical efficiency measures D. None of the above

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