Westminster International Partnership Scholarships

Westminster International Partnership Scholarships

Westminster International Partnership Scholarships

Westminster International Partnership Scholarships

These new scholarships are in recognition of the University’s close ties with countries across the globe.

Amount: Half (50 per cent) tuition fee award.
Eligibility: You must be an international student from one of the countries listed in appendix F (see below) and hold an offer for a full-time Masters degree at the University.
Criteria: Minimum Upper Second Class Honours or above and financial need.
Deadline: 17 October 2014

What happens next?

You can download our application forms and find out more about the application process.

For international students and all postgraduate studentsyou will need to download the relevant application form (International Undergraduate or Postgraduate) below.

Please note that for international undergraduate and allpostgraduate students we do not currently have an online application facility and DO NOT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS VIA EMAIL. International students and postgraduate students will need to send their applications BY POST to the following address:

Scholarships Office
Cavendish House
101 New Cavendish Street
London W1W 6XH
United Kingdom


Deadline dates for receipt of applications are as follows:

  • 4 April 2014 for all UK/EU undergraduates unless otherwise stated
  • 25 April 2014 for September 2014 international undergraduate scholarships
  • 25 April 2014 for September 2014 postgraduate scholarships
  • 17 October 2014 for January 2015 postgraduate scholarships

Some scholarships may have a different deadline date than those listed above. Please ensure that you check the deadline dates for individual scholarships.

Once we have received your application, we will acknowledge receipt by email. In cases where an application is received very close to the deadline, students may not get an email of acknowledgement.

The scholarship application process is highly competitive. We receive thousands of applications each year, so please do not assume that application means acceptance. You should also seek other sources of funding in the event that your application is not successful.

Application criteria for scholarships

Academic criteria

Full scholarships, full fee awards, and fee awards of 50 per cent or more of the tuition fee require a First Class Honours degree (or international equivalent) unless otherwise stated.

General criteria

Please note that you can only apply for TWO types of scholarship using the scholarship application form and you will only be considered for the scholarships you select.

  • If you have already obtained a degree in a developed country or by way of a previous scholarship from a developed country you will not be eligible to apply for a full scholarship.
  • If you already have an Equivalent Level Qualification (ELQ) you will not be eligible to apply for a scholarship.
  • If you are a graduate applying for another undergraduate degree or are a Masters graduate applying for a postgraduate programme you are treated as an ELQ student.
  • However, if you are a Masters applicant applying for a postgraduate programme you will be eligible to apply for a postgraduate scholarship if a) you are applying for a PhD scholarship or b) your international Masters qualification is regarded as a UK undergraduate degree equivalent.

Westminster International Partnership Scholarships

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