EICA Scholarships for international Students Egypt

EICA Scholarships For International Students Egypt

EICA Scholarships for international Students Egypt

About the Regular Programmes:
1.    EICA offers annually (5) principal Scholarships and (5) additional scholarships for each country from Africa, Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean and East Europe.
2.    Each training programme accommodates 25-30 participants.
3.    The PRINCIPAL scholarship covers the following:
·         Round trip air ticket.
·         Training expenses.
·         Full-Board accommodation.
·         Domestic transport within the programme.
·         Free medical care.
·         Pocket money allowance.
4.    The ADDITIONAL  scholarship covers the following:
·         Training expenses.
·         Full-Board accommodation.
·         Domestic transport within the programme.
·         Free medical care.
·         Pocket money allowance.
(The nominating country support ONLY the round trip air ticket)
5.    For a third nominee, the nominating country will be charged with   the total expenses of the course
6.    Upon the successful completion of the programme, the Centre awards a certificate of achievement to participant.
Requirements for the Regular Programs:
1.    Participant should be nominated by his / her own government.
2.    Participant should be a holder of B.Sc. In agriculture.
3.    Participant should preferably have three (3) years experience in the subject matter of the program.
4.    Application forms should be sent through official channels (Embassies of Egypt), before closing date established for each course (3 months before the beginning of the course).
5.    Having good command of one of the working languages at EICA      (English, French or Spanish).
  • Participants will be thoroughly exposed to various instructive & training methodologies throughout the programmes.
  • Almost one third of the course duration spent in the lecture room for theoretical deliberation, group discussion and round tables. This practice usually takes place at EICA premises in Cairo. While, the remaining two thirds emphasize the aspects of learning methodology whereby, participants are given the opportunity to visit laboratories and participate in field visits or study tours to share discussion sessions and workshops together.
  • The course will last for 11 weeks and it will consist of lectures, general discussions, practical exercises, field trips and a workshop.
  • Training activities are conducted daily from 9.00 to 13.30, and sometimes from 14.30 to 16.30 (except Fridays).
  • Each country and / or organization is responsible for defraying such incidental expenses as those related to passports, visas, vaccination as well as the payment of the participant’s salary and emoluments during his presence at the Centre
  • Participants are required to devote their full time to the training programme and participate actively in all relevant phases of the programme they are enrolled in.
  • It should be understood that it is not permitted to leave the Egyptian borders during the program at all.
  • Participants are requested to arrive in Cairo not earlier than (2) two days before the inauguration of the training programme.
  • Participants should assume responsibility for any expenses incurred during the trip between their home countries and Egypt and vice versa.
  • Applications to change, alter the training programme or extend its duration are not accepted.
  • Participants shall submit four (4) passport size photographs to EICA upon arrival.
  • Each participant from one country will be asked to submit and present a country report on the situation of the subject matter of the programme in their respective countries, please make arrangements for delivering a machine typed report.
Tripartite Programmes:
Agricultural training programmes are organized in collaboration between EICA and International Organizations such as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for trainees from the Agricultural Sector and its related disciplines nominated by their respective countries from the African Continent
Special Training Programs

EICA tailors training programmes according to the specific needs of the governments for a period from one week and up to one Year depending on the need of the participant’s country.

Joint Training Programs

EICA tailors training programmes according to the specific needs of International Organizations for a period from one week and up to one year depending on the need of the participant’s country.

The joint programmes are in cooperation with organizations such as   FAO, AARDO, IFAD, ICARDA


Examples of some Joint programmes implemented by EICA:

1-   Agricultural Programmes:

  • Seed production
  • Seed inspection
  • Biological control
  • Field crops production
  • Plant Protection
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Green houses
  • Post harvest techniques
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Agricultural Mechanization

2-   Animal Production & Health Programmes:

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Sheep and Goats Rearing
  • Camel rearing
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Development of New Strains of Sheep and Goats
  • Management of Poultry Farms
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Animal Diseases Diagnosis, prevention, and treatment
  • Veterinary labs Management
  • Role of Extension in Animal Production
  • Dairy Production and processing
  • Animal Feed Production
  • Vaccinations Production and Efficiency

3-   Agricultural Economics and Extension Programmes:

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural  Marketing
  • Post harvest extension
  • Training methods
  • Extension and irrigation
  • Extension and fertilization
  • Agricultural services
  • Agricultural Extension and Environment
  • Subject Matter Agricultural Extension
  • Marketing and exportation
  • Extension Management
  • Agricultural Information and Extension communication Methods
  • Rural Development
  • Rural Women development
  • National  Agricultural Projects

 4-   General Programmes:

  • Management
  • Computer Science
  • Secretarial works
  • Human Resources Management
  • Secretary and Public relations
  • Financial Affairs
  • Credits and Investments
  • Foreign relations and International Cooperation
  • Documentation
  • Organizing Exhibitions
  • Insurance, shipping and customs clearance
  • Surveying
  • Stores and purchase
  • Agricultural Machinery, Management and Maintenance

EICA Scholarships For International Students Egypt

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