Physics List of Important Practicals for Class 9th

Physics List Of Important Practicals For Class 9th

Physics List of Important  Practicals for Class 9th

1.  Measure the area of cross section of a solid cylinder by measuring the diameter with

vernier calipers.

2.  Determine the volume of a solid cylinder by measuring its length and diameter.

3.  Find the acceleration of a ball rolling down an inclined angle iron by drawing a graph

between 2 Sand t2


4.  Find the value of gby free fall method.

5.  Find the force limiting friction by rolling a roller on a horizontal surface.

Chapter 4 Turning Effect of Forces

6.  Determine the resultant of two forces graphically by using a horizontal force table.

7.  Verify the principal of moments by using a meter rod balanced on a wedge.

8.  Find the unknown weight of an object by using principal of moment.

9.  Study the effect of length of simple pendulum on its time period and hence find the

value of gby calculation.

10.  Prove that time period of a simple pendulum is independent of amplitude of vibration.

11.  Determine the relationship between load and extension (helical spring) by drawing a


12.  Find the density of a body heavier than water by Archimedes principal.

13.  Draw a graph between temperature and time when ice is converted into water and

then to steam by slow heating.

Physics List Of Important Practicals For Class 9th

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