Computer Science Intermediate Part I Objectives Questions

Computer Science Intermediate Part I Objectives Questions

Computer Science Intermediate Part I Objectives Questions 

Q.No:1.Multiple Choice Questions. i) Smallest unit of memory is:

(a) Byte (b) Bit (c) Character (d) Word

ii) One or more computers connected to a Hub/Switch is a:

(a) Ring Network (b) Node (c) Information Utility (d) Star Network

iii) Which Layer of OSI Model does data compression:

(a) Network (b) Presentation (c) Data Link (d) Physical

iv) The Microphone converts the sound into:

(a) Mechanical Signal (b) Electrical Signal (c) computer File (d) Software

v) An important property of Fiber Optic Cable is:

(a) Noise (b) Reflection (c) Interference (d) Attenuation

vi) CAL stands for:

(a) Computer Aided Learning (b) Computer Assistant Learning (c) Computer Added Learning (d) None of these

vii) Computer at home can be used for:

(a) Keeping Records (b) Making Budgets (c) Watching Movies (d) All these

viii) BCD stands for:

(a) Binary Coded Decimal (b) Base Coded Decimal (c) Byte Coded Decimal (d)Bit Coded Decimal

ix) Which is a storage device:

(a) CPU (b) Clock (c) Floppy Disk (d) Bus

x) The maximum number of primary partitions that can be created on a disk is:

(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) None of these

xi) The actual working area in Microsoft Excel is:

(a) Workbook (b) Worksheet (c) Spreadsheet (d) Notesheet

xii) The address of instruction under the processor execution is contained within:

(a) Program Counter (b) Current Instruction Register (c) Memory Address Register (d) Memory Buffer Register

xiii) Which of the following features enables you to reverse the changes you have made to the document:

(a) WYS/WYG (b) Redo (c) Undo (d) GUI

xiv) Which of the following is an E-mail Client:

(a) Internet Explorer (b) Outlook Express (c) Google (d) None of these

xv) Another name for antivirus is:

(a) Vaccine (b) Worm (c) Trojan Horse (d) DES

Computer Science Intermediate Part I Objectives Questions

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