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9th Class English Sentence Completion Practice Test for Examination Preparation

9th Class English Sentence Completion Practice Test For Examination Preparation

9th Class English Sentence   Completion Practice Test for Examination Preparation

Sentences For Class 9th (Text Book) 2013-14

S. No




1) Unparalleled Taj Mahal is an unparalleled historical place.
2) Trackless Arabia is a land of trackless deserts of sand dunes.
3) Dazzling I could not see anything in the dazzling light.
4) Tropical Pakistan is a sub-tropical country.
5) Remarkable This area is remarkable for its natural beauty.
6) Eloquence He made an eloquence speech in the class.
7) Profound He has a profound knowledge about Islam.
8) Caring My mother is very caring.
9) Spiritual We get spiritual peace in worship of Allah.
10) Worldly Do not take much interest in worldly affairs.
11) Sacrifice We are ready to sacrifice everything for the glory of our country.
12) Commendable Patriotism is a commendable quality.
13) Prosperity We should work hard for the prosperity of  our country.
14) Invasion Our army is ready to face any invasion.
15) Motherland I love my motherland.
16) Responsible Everyone is responsible for his acts.
17) Nationalism Nationalism creates differences in our ranks.
18) Clean I like to wear clean clothes.
19) Late He is a late comer.
20) Early I am an early riser.
21) Only Naeeem is the only son of his parents.
22) Fast Shoib Akhtar is a fast bowler.
23) Long The Indus is a long river.
24) Loud Do not speak loud in the mosque.
25)              Mad with anger He was mad with anger.
26)              Fit of fury He was in a fit of fury and broke beautiful Cup.
27)              Revealed the secret He revealed the secret.
28)              Resolute I have a resolute faith in Allah.
29) Alleviate Good temper alleviates the angr.
30)              Migration The migration of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) is a great event.
31)   Companion Sincere companion is a blessing of Allah.
32)              Refuge He took refuge in my house.
33)              Gave away He gave away all the money among the poor.
34)              Determined He is determined to get his aim.
35)              Gaze He used to gaze the stars at night.
36)             Stare He stared at him in anger.
37)              Shine Stars shine in the sky at night.
38)              Glare The sun is glaring with full shine.
39)             Hoard There is a hoard of stars in the galaxy.
40)              Collect Collecting coins is an interesting hobby.
41)   Behind Our academy is behind UBL.
42)              Beside She was sitting beside me in the party.
43)              Next to She was sitting next to me in the party.
44)              Under Cat is sitting under the table.
45)              Over Over eating is a bad habit.


Sentences For Class 9th (Text Book)

46)             Along Come along with me.
47)              Across My house is across the road.
48)              Saw I saw a dream last night.
49)             Promised He promised to help me.
50)              Wanted She wanted to study further.
51)   Began It began to rain an hour ago.
52)              Asked My father asked me about my studies.
53)              Told He told me a story.
54)   Decided I decided to do business.
55)   Impressive My father has an impressive personality.
56)   Dexterously She works dexterously at knitting.
57)   Spacious I work in a spacious basement.
58)   Humility Allah likes humility.
59)   Flamboyant His way of talking is flamboyant.
60)  Care Always take care of your health.
61)   Walk He is too weak to walk.
62)   Surprise I was surprised to see you here.
63)   Request He requested me to help.
64)  Need A friend in need is a friend in deed.
65)   State He stated before judge.
66)  Who Who are you?
67)   Which Which is your favourite book?
68)  That He likes that fruit.
69)  Whom Ali is a boy whom I met.
70)   Whose It is the book whose price is Rs.200.
71)    Pollution Pollution is a big problem now-a-days.
72)   Construction This building is under construction.
73)   Constructive He has a constructive mind.
74)   Developing Pakistan is a developing country.
75)   Since It has been raining since morning.
76)   Unless I shall not forgive him unless he speaks the truth.
77)   Though Though he is rich but is narrow minded.
78)   While He came to see me while I was in hurry.
79)   As As you sow, so shall you reap.
80)  When When will you go to Multan?
81)   After He came here after a long time.
82)   Courage Face every diffultiy with courage.
83)   Difficulty After illness he was speaking with difficulty.
84)  Generosity Allah likes generosity.
85)   Suffering He could not face the sufferings of life and died soon.
86)  Century It is the 21st century.
87)   Conquest The conquest of Makkah is a great event in the history of Islam.
88)  Delegation A delegation was sent to China.
89)  Quietly He quietly listened to me.
90)  Supply Supply of filtered water is a common problem.
91)   Peril His health is in peril after this desease.
92)   Revelation Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) received the first revelation from Allah in the cave of Hira.
93)   Demand Demand of Sugar is increasing day by day.
94)  Relief A relief camp was held in flooded area.


9th Class English Sentence Completion Practice Test For Examination Preparation

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