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9th Class Physics Important Fill in the blanks,True/False Items,Multiple-Choice Test Items

9th Class Physics Important Fill In The Blanks,True/False Items,Multiple-Choice Test Items

Fill in the blanks
1. Physics is that branch of Science, which deals with the study of properties of
_________ energy and their mutual relationships.
2. The study of motion and the physical effects which influence motion is
3. The branch of physics which deals with the physical aspects of audible sound
energy is called ___________
4. The branch of physics, which deals with the physical aspects of visible light, is
called ___________.
5. Matter is composed of atoms and molecules. The study of these properties is
called atomic and ______ physics.
6. The branch of physics, which deals with the study of the properties of isolated
nuclei of atoms, is called _______.
7. The study of specific properties of matter in solid form is called ____ physics
8. The study of the internal structure of the earth and activities like seismography is
9. Every transport that we use for going to school i.e. the bus the car or the bicycle
contain an application of ____ in one way or the other
10. If one hand the atom bomb has emerged as a means for destruction and
devastation then on the other hand it has great ____ to meet our ever increasing
11. If the process of research and quest continues in the field of physics the future
will be much more _____ than the present
12. The shadows of opaque objects are formed when they come in the path of light
because _____ travels in a straight line
13. The first step in scientific method is to make _____ of natural processes and to
collect the data about them
14. Experiment is an organized process which is used to test the truth of the _____
15. In the 20th century _____ declared that mass and energy the two concerns of
physics are forms of each other
16. Alberuni, ____ and ____ are the pioneer Arabs whose researches were
translated in to European languages
17. Ibn-ul- Haithem was born in ______in 965 A.D
18. The name of famous book written by Ibn-ul-Haithem on light is ______.
19. The laws of refraction was discovered by ___________
20. The famous book _______________ was written by Alberuni.

True/False Items
• Classify the following statements into True/ False
• The study of electromagnetic phenomenon and mutual relationship between
them is called sound.
• The branch of physics which deals with the branch of knowledge of heaven
bodies and interaction of matter and energy in space is called Astrophysics.
• The study of biological sciences on the basic principles of physics is called
• If the man is ever able to control the fusion reaction then he would never face the
shortage of energy in the world for ever.
• After the careful analysis of a theory we can make predictions about certain unknown
aspects of nature.
• Light travels in a curved path.
• Ibn- ul- Haithem is known for his exceptional work in the field of optics
• The famous book kitab- ul- Astarlab is written by Dr. Abdus Salam..
• Alberuni was born in about 983 A.D.
• Yaqub Kundi was not a philosopher but also a great scientist and Physicist.
• Dr A. Salam got Nobel Prize on his work of combining two basic forces of nature.
• Muslim Scientists emphasized the importance of observation and
experimentation in the study of science.
• Muslims did not play an important role in the implementation and development of
• Laser is the field of atomic physics.
• There are hundreds of verses of the Holy- Quran in which Allah urges the
believers that they should study nature and act wisely.
• The shadow of a rectangular block will be a square.
• The study of science is based upon observations.
• On the basis of data collected through observations or experimentation we can
develop a hypothesis.
• A scientist is always an admirer of the truth and reality and has courage to negate
false theories.
• If the experimental result is in accordance with the prediction then this theory
becomes a hypothesis.

Multiple-Choice Test Items
Note: You are provided with five options in the following items. Select the most
appropriate one:
• The branch of physics, which deals with the study of motion and the physical
aspects, which influence them, is called.
• a. Mechanics b. Optics c. Sound d. Heat e. Kinematics
• The study of the properties of isolated nuclei of atom is called
• a. Plasma physics b. Nuclear physics c. Solid state physics d. Atomic physics
e. Astrophysics.
• The study of heavenly bodies and interaction of matter and energy in space is
• Called:
• a. Atomic Physics b. Nuclear Physics c. Geophysics
• d. Biophysics e. Astrophysics.
• The energy obtained by breaking up of 1 kg of uranium is equal to the energy
• Obtained from burning ____kg of coal.
• a. One million b. Two million c. Three million d. Four million e.
Five million.
• Albert Einstein declared that matter and _______are forms of each other.
• a. Sound b. Heat c. Light d. Waves e. Energy
• Ibn-ul-Haithem was born in 965 A.D in :
• Italy b. Basra c. Europe d. England e. France
• Al-Manazir was written by :
• Al-kundi b. Ibn-ul-Haithem c. Alberuni d. Dr. Salam e. Newton
• Ibn-ul-Haithem described the working and internal structure of _____in the book Al-
• a. Frog b. Brain c. Heart d. Human body e. Eye
o Prof. Dr. Abdus salam was awarded Nobel prize in
• a. 1979 b 1989 c 1990 d. 1991 e 1992
• The book Qanoon-ul-Masoodi was written by:
• a. Ibn-ul-Haithem. b Alberuni c. Dr. SalamYaqoob kundi e. Newton

9th Class Physics Important Fill In The Blanks,True/False Items,Multiple-Choice Test Items

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