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PAF Public School Sargodha Announced the 8th class Entry Test 2013 Result


PAF Public School Sargodha will be announce the result of the class of 7th and 8th. This School will only chose 1,000 of boys for medical and other test. This School Exams were started in November.

PAF Public School Sargodha Admissions


ABBOTTABAD : 310 Mansehra Road (Tel: 9310263)

BAHAWALPUR : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 9250103)

D.I Khan : Fazal Shaheed Road D.I Khan Cantt (Tel: 9280311)

FAISALABAD : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 9200362)

HYDERABAD : 310 Mansehra Road (Tel: 781042 )

KARACHI : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 9202299)


LAHORE : 310 Mansehra Road (Tel: 9220084)

PESHAWAR : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 9210829)

MULTAN : 310 Mansehra Road (Tel: 518288)

QUETTA : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 9201753)

RAWALPINDI : 310 Mansehra Road (Tel: 5565695 )

SUKKUR : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 23796)

PAF Sargodha 8th Class Entry Test Result 2013





H0001, H0003, H0006, H0015, H0016, H0017, H0018, H0032, H0040, H0048, H0051, H0054

K0010, K0016, K0018, K0019, K0026, K0027, K0030, K0032, K0035, K0038, K0061, K0065, K0075, K0076, K0077, K0078, K0079, K0081, K0082, K0083, K0084, K0086, K0087, K0088, K0091, K0092, K0093, K0094, K0098, K0099, K0109, K0110, K0114, K0124, K0131, K0150, K0172, K0180, K0187, K0188, K0193, K0201, K0202, K0203, K0205

L0002, L0012, L0022, L0033, L0054, L0068, L0069, L0078, L0080, L0084, L0085, L0086, L0096, L0138, L0163, L0168, L0190, L0204, L0224, L0225, L0227, L0229, L0231, L0242, L0250, L0262, L0272, L0274, L0318, L0321, L0322, L0323, L0326, L0327, L0329, L0341, L0345, L0346, L0360, L0391, L0392, L0393, L0400, L0409, L0414, L0416, L0423, L0455, L0456, L0479, L0487, L0489, L0496, L0502, L0536, L0539, L0598, L0628, L0661, L0663, L0677, L0678, L0684, L0685, L0688, L0724, L0742, L0747, L0748, L0750, L0782, L0784, L0786, L0787, L0796, L0803, L0808, L0827, L0859, L0887, L0924, L0947, L0950, L0963, L0968, L0987, L1011, L1015, L1026, L1027, L1029, L1035, L1042, L1045, L1054, L1059, L1063, L1064, L1066, L1067, L1071, L1120, L1140, L1146, L1194, L1196, L1220, L1230, L1253, L1256, L1257, L1270, L1292, L1293, L1323, L1324, L1325, L1339, L1340, L1353, L1368, L1399, L1405, L1416, L1441, L1449, L1454, L1462, L1469, L1513, L1515, L1517, L1559, L1560, L1561, L1563, L1567, L1569, L1583, L1586, L1587, L1588, L1590, L1611, L1619, L1620, L1623, L1624, L1625, L1626, L1628, L1631, L1649, L1662, L1704, L1707, L1724, L1739, L1741, L1763, L1790, L1791, L1792, L1817, L1826, L1828, L1833, L1834, L1835, L1836, L1839, L1878, L1880, L1894, L1923, L1942, L1951,

M0001, M0009, M0012, M0018, M0023, M0026, M0037, M0046, M0080, M0102, M0103, M0163, M0175, M0177, M0182, M0184, M0193, M0196, M0199, M0205, M0206, M0214, M0246, M0279, M0282, M0323, M0325, M0358, M0363, M0369, M0388, M0391, M0396, M0398, M0411, M0424, M0426, M0428, M0432, M0456, M0462, M0465, M0466, M0468, M0476, M0481, M0486, M0488, M0491, M0492, M0494, M0498, M0500, M0502, M0503, M0515, M0520, M0521, M0523, M0525, M0530, M0531, M0555, M0561, M0574, M0590, M0602, M0604, M0610, M0611, M0612, M0613, M0619, M0638, M0642, M0656, M0667, M0674, M0693, M0697, M0704, M0712, M0716, M0717, M0718, M0719, M0720, M0730, M0753, M0756, M0757, M0759, M0765, M0778, M0782, M0792, M0793, M0798, M0803, M0834, M0854, M0874, M0881, M0931, M0936, M0937, M0939, M0992, M0998, M0999, M1006, M1008, M1010, M1012, M1025, M1026, M1027, M1028, M1031, M1047, M1051, M1057, M1067, M1080, M1089, M1097, M1115, M1134, M1137, M1147, M1180, M1225, M1236, M1260, M1275, M1276, M1286, M1321, M1333, M1379,

N0002, N0005, N0014, N0016, N0018, N0019, N0020, N0023, N0024, N0031, N0043, N0052, N0057, N0058, N0059, N0063, N0064, N0065, N0090, N0110

P0005, P0008, P0011, P0012, P0013, P0021, P0022, P0026, P0029, P0030, P0031, P0032, P0051, P0055, P0058, P0070, P0076, P0094, P0098, P0099, P0100, P0101, P0109, P0110, P0114, P0116, P0121, P0163, P0165, P0190, P0203, P0204, P0207, P0209, P0222, P0223, P0230, P0239, P0268, P0276, P0281, P0302, P0334, P0335, P0336

Q0007, Q0009, Q0014, Q0019, Q0023, Q0024, Q0026, Q0027

R0014, R0018, R0020, R0031, R0033, R0042, R0048, R0050, R0051, R0055, R0073, R0074, R0081, R0097, R0135, R0138, R0151, R0159, R0164, R0197, R0202, R0209, R0231,R0232, R0250, R0253, R0256, R0261, R0268, R0273, R0282, R0294, R0299, R0302, R0303, R0329, R0330, R0345, R0352, R0354, R0357, R0365, R0389, R0401, R0406, R0413, R0414, R0420, R0421, R0425, R0433, R0435, R0438, R0439, R0451, R0456, R0459, R0473, R0479, R0486, R0497, R0503, R0506, R0539, R0545, R0551, R0574, R0577, R0578, R0585, R0594, R0595, R0615, R0623, R0637, R0641, R0647, R0651, R0665, R0671, R0674, R0677, R0681, R0683, R0684, R0695, R0696, R0698, R0716, R0717, R0719, R0748, R0752, R0767, R0784, R0800, R0801, R0803, R0823, R0827, R0848, R0854, R0855, R0864, R0873, R0891, R0911, R0912, R0913, R0914, R0917, R0918, R0919, R0920, R0922, R0923, R0924, R0928, R0929, R0931, R0932, R0933, R0936, R0937, R0941, R0944, R0945, R0946, R0947, R0948, R0949, R0951, R0952, R0954, R0955, R0957, R0959, R0961, R0963, R0964, R0975, R0988, R0992, R1024, R1025, R1031, R1062, R1066, R1070, R1086, R1087, R1114, R1144, R1153, R1156, R1182, R1210, R1211, R1237, R1244,

S0007, S0010, S0013, S0014, S0018, S0020, S0023, S0030, S0043, S0044, S0049, S0056, S0066, S0075, S0084, S0096, S0116, S0138, S0140, S0146, S0149, S0174, S0181, S0189, S0191, S0193, S0194, S0205, S0210, S0211, S0221, S0234, S0275, S0278, S0284, S0308, S0318, S0319, S0322, S0364, S0386, S0400, S0404, S0405, S0419, S0423, S0426, S0427, S0437, S0438, S0439, S0443, S0446, S0460, S0470, S0497, S0505, S0506, S0511, S0525, S0527, S0537, S0563, S0570, S0578, S0607, S0610, S0635, S0699, S0736, S0738, S0781, S0788, S0789, S0790, S0811, S0826, S0831, S0832, S0836, S0837, S0847, S0857, S0861, S0868, S0870, S0943, S1024, S1044, S1090, S1126, S1143, S1173, S1186, S1187, S1190, S1206, S1231, S1233, S1234, S1237, S1239, S1240, S1376, S1392, S1403, S1406, S1422


Updated: January 23, 2013 — 7:10 am


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  1. please give me admission in ppss please sir
    your sicearly
    anas zahid
    zahid ali

  2. Please tell me the fixed date of result

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